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Blockchain part 2: captives in a volatile world

Europe, Global18-09-2017Alternative risk transfer, Captive

In the second article of three on the use of blockchain in captives, Marcus Schmalbach of BlockART Institute investigates use cases and fields of application for existing captives, as well as potential reasons to set up a new captive within a company.

Can captives avoid excessive regulation?

North America01-09-2017CaptiveRobert Myers

As the captive market has grown and thrived it has also caught the attention of regulators at all levels. This is something of a double-edged sword for a sector that thrives on innovation, argues Robert Myers of law firm Morris, Manning & Martin.

The value of standards


Implementing ACORD Standards improves data quality and flow, increases efficiency, and realises billion-dollar savings to the global insurance industry, as Bill Pieroni, president & CEO of ACORD, explains.

831(b) blues: the Avrahami aftermath

North America25-08-2017Captive, Legislation, Risk management

One of the most closely watched cases in the captive industry has drawn to a close, and the IRS has scored a win against 831(b)s in the case of Avrahami v Commissioner. Various experts weigh in on what can be taken away from this result.

The dos and don’ts of domiciles

North America23-08-2017Captive

Many US states are passing legislation that allows them to become domiciles for captives—more than half now have this facility. In a growing and increasingly complex market, what does that mean for owners seeking the right domicile for them? US Captive reports.

New ideas and new captives in Vermont

North America21-08-2017Captive

The increasingly complex needs of companies is driving demand for captives, especially now as more innovative structures enter the fray. Captive International reported live from the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) on the changing industry landscape full of new risks and new solutions.

Blockchain part 1: Captives in a volatile world

Europe, Global07-08-2017Alternative risk transfer, Captive

The banking and insurance sectors are not alone in engaging in heated debate about the opportunities, risks, and potential applications offered by blockchain technology. How will it affect alternative risk transfer—and especially the captives market? Marcus Schmalbach of BlockART Institute investigates.

Group captives part 3: the entitlement to profits


Hugh Rosenbaum, captive consultant and retired principal of Willis Towers Watson, addresses the entitlement to profits—the third and sometimes most difficult of obstacles to overcome in the design stages of a group captive.

831(b)s: under the microscope

North America24-07-2017Captive

831(b) captive insurance companies have been under the microscope for six months as the Internal Revenue Service subjects them to the greatest possible scrutiny. What’s behind this sudden concern? US Captive investigates.

BEPS: the US perspective

North America17-07-2017Captive

With the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) measures rolling out in the US, captive insurance companies find themselves under increased scrutiny from the IRS, which wants to clamp down on potential tax avoidance vehicles. US Captive explores the implications.

Showing 1 to 10 of 423 results

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