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Not automating? Your captives may be facing a slew of new challenges

North America18-04-2017Captive

Technology, more specifically automation, will keep your captives relevant in these uncertain times, says Rachel Lyubovitzy, CEO of software company EverythingBenefits.

Creating value from captives in runoff


With a very active profile in the market, Tom Dixon, M&A Analyst for R&Q, tells Captive International the company’s rationale behind acquiring captive insurance companies in runoff.

Five niche risks perfect for captives

Asia-Pacific, EMEA14-03-2017Captive, Risk management

When a business sets up a captive insurance company, the ball is very much in their court. Robert Geraghty, business development manager for EMEA and Asia Pacific at Marsh Captive Solutions, tells Captive International of five niche risks that are well-suited for captives.

Mapping out Gibraltar’s post-Brexit strategy

Gibraltar10-03-2017Captive, Legislation

With the possibility of a hard Brexit looming, Captive International speaks with Nigel Feetham, partner at Hassans, who has been on a fact-finding mission to lay out the best strategy for companies looking to protect their European business.

The BEPS Conundrum

Europe24-01-2017Captive, Legislation, Risk management

BEPS is in many ways the same challenge for captives as Solvency II was for many insurers, says Mike Stalley, chief executive of FiscalReps and principal at complianceDNA.

A 21st century risk management tool

EMEA12-01-2017Alternative risk transfer, Captive, Risk management, Structured risk solutions

The captive solution—a company’s own piggy bank—emerges as a contemporary approach to new risks that may be covered at only great expense, or not at all, on the traditional insurance market, says Marcus Schmalbach of Fachhochschule des Mittelstands.

Set to captivate Asia

Asia-Pacific, EMEA12-01-2017Alternative risk transfer, Captive, PCCs, Risk management

With Asian companies on the verge of embracing the use of captives as a form of risk management and transfer, leading to an explosion in their use, Labuan IBFC is well positioned as the domicile that could benefit most from this, as Danial Mah Abdullah, its chief executive, tells EMEA Captive.

Fortress Malta looks beyond its defences

Europe12-01-2017Captive, PCCs

Malta is highlighting its advantages as a domicile for captive insurance in an increasingly uncertain world, EMEA Captive reports.

Winners and losers post Brexit


The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will present many challenges for the captives sector—but the biggest could simply be managing the inevitable period of uncertainty during the waiting game before the details of a post-Brexit world start to emerge, EMEA Captive reports.

PCCs flourish in uncertain times

EMEA11-01-2017Alternative risk transfer, Captive, Incorporated Cell Companies, PCCs

The use of protected cell companies in the EMEA region is predicted to soar as more companies grasp the benefits and regulators enable legislation permitting their use. EMEA Captive investigates.

Showing 1 to 10 of 400 results

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