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The implementation of governance standards in Vermont

North America24-05-2017Captive, Legislation

Vermont’s governance standards should be viewed as a tool to help board members meet their fiduciary responsibilities and promote uniformity in regulation, as Sandy Bigglestone, director of captive insurance, and Christine Brown, assistant director of captive insurance at the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, explain.

Seeking captive value part one: the context

EMEA, Europe, London19-05-2017Captive

Christopher Lajtha of France-based independent risk management resource Adageo looks at the value proposition of a captive—why a captive insurance company can represent a very effective management tool, notwithstanding the costs of operating it. In the first of three articles he addresses the operational context in what can be a complex world.

Weighing up multinational pooling and employee benefit captives

Global, London, UK11-05-2017Captive, Employee Benefits

With huge annual costs of employee health and risk benefits, multinational companies are continuing to explore alternative finance solutions. Speaking with Captive International, Mark Cook, director at Willis Towers Watson, looks at the advantages and disadvantages of two approaches: multinational pooling and captives.

Thinking positive: looking beyond the investment gloom


For most insurance companies, investment returns remain at historic lows, driven down by low interest rates and other macroeconomic factors. Chris Dalziel, executive director at London & Capital, lays out some practical steps that boards can take to overcome the current challenges.

Sharing economy: the captive solution

Europe, North America03-05-2017Captive, Risk management

The sharing economy has presented the insurance industry with a lot of unique challenges as it continues to grow. Tina Summers, senior vice president at Marsh, tells Captive International why captives might have the answers to this complicated risk landscape.

Group captives: the inner workings and obstacles

Europe, North America, UK26-04-2017Captive, Risk management

In the first of a series of articles for Captive International captive consultant and retired principal of WTW Hugh Rosenbaum explores the mechanics of setting up a group captive and why it might be a good option for insurance buyers.

OECD BEPS: defending the captive case

Europe, Global24-04-2017Captive

Recommendations from the OECD have reversed the burden of proof on the legitimacy of captives, referring to them as potential vehicles for tax avoidance. Captive International speaks with Fabrice Frère, managing director at Aon Risk Solutions, about the onerous task of preparing for a potential BEPS audit which now falls upon captive owners.

Not automating? Your captives may be facing a slew of new challenges

North America18-04-2017Captive

Technology, more specifically automation, will keep your captives relevant in these uncertain times, says Rachel Lyubovitzy, CEO of software company EverythingBenefits.

Creating value from captives in runoff


With a very active profile in the market, Tom Dixon, M&A Analyst for R&Q, tells Captive International the company’s rationale behind acquiring captive insurance companies in runoff.

Five niche risks perfect for captives

Asia-Pacific, EMEA14-03-2017Captive, Risk management

When a business sets up a captive insurance company, the ball is very much in their court. Robert Geraghty, business development manager for EMEA and Asia Pacific at Marsh Captive Solutions, tells Captive International of five niche risks that are well-suited for captives.

Showing 1 to 10 of 407 results

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