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Bermuda's benefits, practically speaking

30-11-2009Craig Swan

Bermuda continues to be the premier captive domicile due to its practical risk-based regulation, quality environment that fosters business development and depth of market expertise, says Craig Swan.

Risk and corporate governance: orewarned is forearmed

30-11-2009Steven Chirico

The changing global marketplace is forcing many captives to make rash decisions, but Steven Chirico argues that attention first needs to be paid to risk and corporate governance.

Robert Quinn: 10 years and counting

North America30-11-2009

An advocate of the insurance trust as an alternative to the letter of credit, Robert Quinn reflects on his long association with Bermuda’s captive insurance market.

Eurozone instability: the domino effect

30-11-2009Andrew Butterfield

The fallout from the instability facing countries within the eurozone appears to be affecting the recovery in the US, argues Andrew Baron.

... And now what? (Eurozone crisis)

Europe30-11-2009Davis Burns

With rumours circulating about the demise of the euro following Greece’s economic implosion, David Burns reveals how market expertise can result in an alter native view.

Come what may (business resiliency)


The need for business resiliency is a critical success factor for most organisations in the current environment of economic uncertainty.

An added benefit (employee benefits)


It is becoming increasingly common for an employer, or a group of employers, to insure or reinsure their employee benefits programmes through captives, says George O’Donnell.

Reinsurance and healthcare captives: a uniform approach


Wesly Guiteau discusses the need for a new alignment between Bermuda reinsurers and their healthcare captive clients.

How a global bond portfolio can allay interest rate fears

The low interest rate environment of recent years, coupled with concerns about the prospect of rising rates, has led investors to consider moving money from diversified, high-quality domestic bonds into other asset or sub-asset classes.

Emerging risks, emerging opportunities


The insurance industry is paying increasingly close attention to providing, strengthening and marketing coverage for cyber and supply chain risk. EMEA Captive spoke with the industry about ‘emerging’ lines.

Showing 541 to 550 of 552 results

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