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Unwanted regulatory attention

30-11-2011US Captive

With captives becoming increasingly mainstream, the industry is attracting more attention from US regulators.

A careful choice - the captive decision

North America30-11-2011Greg Fanoe

Driven in part by legislation, more companies are considering using a captive to better manage their exposures. US Captive spoke with Gregory Fanoe on how to gain tangible strategic benefits from the decision.

The personal touch (Delaware)


Steve Kinion of the Delaware Insurance Department talks to US Captive about the importance of personal interaction and a close-knit regulatory team to the success of the state’s captive development.

Missouri: the captive domicile close to home

30-11-2011John Rehagen

Missouri’s captive industry goes from strength to strength. Located in the heartland of the US, the state’s attractions as a capable and diverse domicile are proving a continuing allure, says John Rehagen.

South Carolina: a domicile with experience

30-11-2011South Carolina

More than simply a place to enjoy its famed Southern hospitality, South Carolina has emerged as one of the leading US captive domiciles thanks to the strength and flexibility of its regulatory approach.

How Anguilla joined the global top five

30-11-2011Karl Huish and James Tehero

Anguilla has cemented its position in the global top five of captive domiciles with a regulatory approach that is responsive and individually tailored to the needs of each captive. Here we explore the Island’s attractions.

Nevis: worthy of a top 20 place


A tough, but appropriate, regulatory approach has helped place Nevis at the forefront of global captive jurisdictions, as Bernadette Lawrence reports.

US captives: further modest gains

30-11-2011US Captive

In 2012 there was further growth in US captive numbers in most states, although the number of new entrants was somewhat muted by the soft commercial market. A snapshot of domiciles provides an indication of further positive momentum, but numbers have fallen somewhat short of rapid growth.

Concerns, confusion and commercial carriers

EMEA30-11-2011EMEA Captive

Guenter Droese of ECIROA talks with EMEA Captive about the ongoing discussions surrounding Solvency II.

EIOPA: simplifying the complex

EMEA30-11-2011EMEA Captive

EMEA Captive spoke with Carlos Montalvo of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) about the evolving Solvency II regime and likely captive treatment under the emerging framework.

Showing 541 to 550 of 682 results

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