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5 May 2023   The company saw net income increase and has hailed a strong start to the year.

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Accounting & tax analysis
Captives must consider all the impacts that can be caused by interest rate fluctuations, inflation, and reinvestment, and one of the factors is duration, says Jack Meskunas, executive director–investments at Oppenheimer & Co.
Accounting & tax analysis
Matthew Queen of Sherbrooke Captive Insurance makes the case that much of the IRS insurance test is flawed and needs to be rethought.
Accounting & tax analysis
Jay Adkisson of Adkisson Pitet provides a guide to the many twists and turns of the recent Sullivan v Feldman case in Texas, which has legal implications for captive owners.
Accounting & tax analysis
Michelle Bradley and Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group take a look at the impact of inflation on captives.
Accounting & tax analysis
In Guernsey, the insurance market has been a traditional offering with services including standby letters of credit, account opening services and deposit/notice accounts. However, as technology advances, so does business demand for further flexibility and updated product offerings.
Accounting & tax analysis
The captive insurance industry faces a number of unique challenges in 2021, one of which has been to do with the assessment, budgeting and financing of losses, says SIGMA’s Lori Ussery.
Accounting & tax analysis
When starting a captive insurance company in a foreign jurisdiction such as the Cayman Islands or Bermuda, many prospective captive owners may be excited about the potential tax benefits. However, these tax benefits should never be a primary reason to form a captive, says Daniel Greaves of Grant Thornton.
Accounting & tax analysis
There is a considerable amount of confusion about loss development factors and how they work. Enoch Starnes and Michelle Bradley of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting demystify loss development and explain why this knowledge is crucial for employees and board members of captives.
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24 August 2022   Senior audit associate returns to the company.
2 August 2022   Executive steps up to new position at company.
10 May 2022   Barkhordar one of three legal experts to join the company.
29 March 2022   Promotion for market veteran.
11 February 2022   Diana Hardy will take over the role from May.
7 February 2022   Accounting firm appoints three new senior audit associates in Karachi office.
8 July 2021   RH CPAs has made a number of appointments in both Karachi and Greensboro.
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