29 September 2023   The executive will be speaking at TXCIA’s Fall Forum in October.

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Sandy Bigglestone looks back with Captive International on her first year as deputy commissioner of the Vermont Captive Insurance Division.
Technology and the internet of things are opening up areas of potential opportunities in areas both old and new. Captive International investigates.
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Captive International takes a look at how artificial intelligence might impact the world of insurance.
Protected cell captives are going from strength to strength, with a constant stream of new forms of cells. Captive International investigates.
The IRS has decided to revisit the world of captive insurance again, with another battle over microcaptives. Captive International investigates.
Recruitment issues continue to be a commonly heard theme at conferences and meetings of all kinds, as captive insurers, among others, deal with the Great Resignation. Captive International investigates.
Dan Towle, president of the Captive Insurance Companies Association, explains what’s driving the captive insurance market in 2023.
Careful consideration should be given to planning all aspects of a captive’s thorough succession plan. Ian Bridges of Global Captive Management provides a short guide for owners.
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27 September 2023   The executive joined the firm from Willis Towers Watson Management (Guernsey).
27 September 2023   The company has made four new hires to support growing client demand in the US.
26 September 2023   The joint venture is continuing to make progress with regulators and staff.
26 September 2023   He steps down after two decades at the company.
26 September 2023   The executive will take over from the departing current MD in January.
25 September 2023   The new executive used to work for the Alabama Department of Insurance.
25 September 2023   Executive points to what might be achieved in the region ahead of FIDES conference.
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