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Greg Lang, founder of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network, gives some tips on the best way to get your message out into the wider world.
Jaffer Mazaal of Braxtone Insurance Management’s office in Bahrain explains what makes Bahrain an attractive domicile for captives.
Rapid growth and an ageing workforce threaten growing knowledge gaps as the captive insurance industry struggles to recruit the next generation of talent. To overcome the challenges, it must cast its net more widely, a Captive International panel agreed.
The captive insurance industry is getting better at recruiting in universities—but should not rest on its laurels.
Captives.insure’s Luke Renz discusses the merits of the captive insurance industry.
Keeping hold of talent is more important than ever in the captive insurance market, as Captive International finds out.
The captive insurance industry has long faced the key challenge of recruiting new talent. Captive International explores the solutions with three people who know the situation.
CICA NEXTGen co-chairs Bailey Roese and Diana Hardy provide an update on the initiative.
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18 June 2024   The new executive will start in October and will be based in Singapore.
18 June 2024   Federation underlines the importance of understanding local regulations & legislation.
17 June 2024   The executive will be at the helm of the Labuan International Insurance Association until 2026.
17 June 2024   The company has been joined by an executive from Talbot Underwriting.
17 June 2024   Parent company R&Q is looking at a wide range of financial options, including liquidation.
14 June 2024   Five new students are to see what the company offers them in different global offices.
14 June 2024   Top executives mulling options, including liquidation.
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