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13 June 2024   The new organisation will look at resilience in the global south.

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Jaffer Mazaal of Braxtone Insurance Management’s office in Bahrain explains what makes Bahrain an attractive domicile for captives.
Karl-Johan Rodert of automotive company Autoliv explains to Captive International how it came to create an award-winning captive.
Sol Feinberg and Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group review some creative approaches to viewing risk management.
Actuarial & underwriting
Captive International takes a look at how artificial intelligence might impact the world of insurance.
Accounting & tax analysis
Matthew Queen of Sherbrooke Captive Insurance makes the case that much of the IRS insurance test is flawed and needs to be rethought.
Actuarial & underwriting
The IRS continues to target microcaptives and specifically 831(b)s–even though those creating them have had plenty of warnings. Captive International reports.
Actuarial & underwriting
‘Silent’ evidence is information we don’t have access to due to the type of data being collected or our own inability to recognise that it exists, and it needs to be taken into account when considering risk placement for a captive, says Enoch Starnes of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.
Actuarial & underwriting
By approaching the issue with research and understanding, you stand a much better chance of coming out of collateral discussions and negotiations in a positive manner, say Enoch Starnes and L. Michelle Bradley of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.
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30 May 2024   The event will detail how it helped a client to build a captive.
24 April 2024   The broker has released its latest report looking at Q1 2024 rates.
23 April 2024   The partners claim that the new service allows fast identification of flood risks.
17 April 2024   The executive has been with the group for two decades.
17 April 2024   The 2024 risk management event will be in San Diego in May.
16 April 2024   The new service will allow clients to assess physical risks.
20 March 2024   WTW / Clyde & Co survey identifies global concerns for directors and officers.
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