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US Focus 2023

In this edition of US Focus,  we take a number of looks at the way that the market has evolved over the past year. We look at the growing issue of artificial intelligence (AI) in insurance, as AI becomes a more and more controversial and debated topic. And we also take a look at the increasingly topical subject of new niches - those areas that are starting to appear on the horizon of the world of captive insurance as possible places of opportunity, if captives can be bold enough to grasp them. Read the latest issue now.

Iron Shield: Latin America
Latin America is an increasingly important area in the world of captive insurance, with more and more attention being paid to it. One company that focuses on this area is Iron Shield, which has a major presence in Puerto Rico and Argentina. Captive International worked with the company to produce a special report on what it offers and why Latin America is such an important area for captive insurance.

FORTY Under 40
We are all too aware the captive insurance industry is awash with leaders and managers who have decades of experience in the market. The question is when they retire where is the talent to step up? The FORTY Under 40 celebrates the rising stars and emerging leaders in the industry, showcasing their remarkable contributions and potential. The report also includes interviews and insights from the selected individuals. Don't miss your chance to be the first to explore the FORTY Under 40 survey results!

Cayman Focus 2023

This edition focuses on the Cayman Islands, one of the most important captive insurance domiciles in the world. We look at a wide range of areas in this edition, from the state of the healthcare market in captives, to the ever-widening issue of cyber insurance and on to the steadily rising topic that is ESG. We also unveil the winners of this year’s Captive International Cayman Awards, our annual acknowledgement of the best and brightest in the Cayman captive insurance industry.

60 Years of Captives in Bermuda
This issue is dedicated to Bermuda as it celebrates a very significant milestone—the 60th anniversary of the creation of the first captive insurance company on the Island, the first of many domiciled there. It’s worth taking a step back to think about how much has changed over those six decades. Let us celebrate the 60th anniversary of captives on Bermuda—and hope for at least another 60 years more.