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20 Years of Championing Captives

Celebrating 20 years of anything can come as a shock, due to that sudden recognition of such a significant passage of time. Looking back 20 years inevitably brings up memories of past times, both good and bad. For me, as I look back, I realise that I have been writing about insurance now for 21 years, a little longer than this publication has existed.

Whitepaper: Medical Stop-Loss Captives

Explore the evolving landscape of self-funded insurance in Captive International's latest Whitepaper, "Medical Stop-Loss Captives," compiled by Phillip C. Giles of MSL Captive Solutions. Unravelling the growth trajectory of medical benefits and stop-loss, the paper highlights the soaring costs and regulatory shifts propelling self-funding as a premier industry segment. With a focus on captives, particularly group captives, the publication underscores their vital role in MSL coverage. Offering empirical insights and forward-looking projections, it outlines the potential for group captives to represent over 25% of the $35 billion MSL market. Discover key considerations, benefits, and strategies shaping this influential insurance expansion.

ICCIE 20th Anniversary Edition 2023

We’ve just released a special publication dedicated to the 20th anniversary of ICCIE. ICCIE – the International Center for Captive Insurance Education – is now one of the most important learning sources about the captive insurance market and sets a standard that many international observers can only admire. In this publication, produced with the help of ICCIE, we take a look at how it came into existence, how its core programme has evolved over the years and just why it’s so important.

Cayman Awards 2023

Cayman has always been a leader in the captive insurance world with the breadth and depth of expertise on the Island being unparalleled. We want to highlight this on the world stage, so we launched our Cayman Awards to shine a light on this outstanding area of the market.

The 2023 Captive International  Cayman Awards are our tribute to the stars and unsung heroes of the captive insurance industry on Cayman. It is their efforts and achievements that keep Cayman at the forefront of the captive insurance world.

Cayman Focus 2024

This edition of Captive International  pays tribute to those 30 years of the Cayman Captive Forum. With the help of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman we look back over the years at how the Forum started, what its early years were like, how people remember it and how it has grown.

We hear about the concurrent history of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, now just under 30 years old, and which has evolved to meet the needs of the insurance  market and other key elements of Cayman’s economy.