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Bermuda has seen a steady increase in new captives being formed as well as new structures, risks and geographies being covered. Matthew Carr of Appleby examines the most common questions the law firm receives relating to the Island.
Use of the run-off market represents an increasingly helpful solution, says Paul Corver of R&Q Insurance Holdings.
Bermuda’s Premier David Burt explains what makes Bermuda the leading domicile for captives.
David Hart and Helen Souza of the Bermuda Business Development Agency talked with Captive International as to where the Island stands in the captives market.
What makes Bermuda one of the leading domiciles for captives? Captive International investigates.
Fred Eslami of AM Best takes a look at the state of the captive insurance market on Bermuda.
Bermuda’s willingness to innovate is standing it in good stead, say Nick Frost and Tom McMahon of Davies Captive Management.
Author, podcaster and former lawyer Michelle St Jane speaks to Jonathan Reiss about his father’s legacy.
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13 February 2024   The portfolios insured workers compensation, general liability and auto liability exposure.”
12 February 2024   The company said that it saw significant growth in 2023.
9 February 2024   Soraya Wright has 30 years’ experience in risk management.
3 July 2023   The Bermuda Captive Conference has announced that this year’s keynote speaker at the event will be Carla Harris.
30 June 2023   Aon & BDA executive claims that the Bermuda market is larger than people think.
26 June 2023   The company is seeking to continue to grow.
23 June 2023   His permanent replacement has not yet been announced.
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