Captive International Cayman Awards: actuarial firm

Winner: Milliman

Highly commended: Pinnacle

Highly commended: SIGMA

Milliman has been a leader in actuarial consulting since 1947, when renowned actuary and insurance industry veteran Wendell Milliman launched the Pacific Northwest’s first actuarial firm. Since then it says it has combined technical expertise with business acumen to create elegant solutions for its clients, helping companies tackle the most critical and complex issues, including risk management and healthcare financing. It provides a range of services for property and casualty self-insureds and captive insurers, covering loss and expense liabilities, risk retention alternatives, pricing and funding, financial modelling, and claims management.

Pinnacle offers a full range of actuarial services specific to the needs of captive managers, with the expertise necessary to help its clients drive better business decisions. Respondents highlighted the quality of its innovation and forecasting skills. It says it has expertise in a wide variety of lines of coverage, alternative risk transfer structures, regulatory jurisdictions and industry niches, with expertise developed by an experienced team of consultants who understand the specific needs of captive managers, while also offering good understanding of local markets.

SIGMA has been helping risk management professionals for 25 years to leverage analytics for a competitive advantage. It works with clients to determine the best analytically based, data-driven solution for their businesses, helping them minimise their cost of risk by providing the most analytically sound projection of loss liability, thereby improving decision making, it says. Using its expertise in extracting information from data, SIGMA promises to turbocharge the analytical prowess of its clients.