CapVisor Associates, LLC

CapVisor Associates, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, works with Captives to provide highly customized services to optimize their investment program’s results. With offices in Atlanta, NYC, Boston and Detroit, we bring more than 150 years of combined insurance asset management experience to correlate Captive Insurer’s investment strategies with business objectives.

P.O. Box 1084
Gainesville, GA 30503

CapVisor works exclusively with Insurance entities. Our unique business model seeks to avoid the inherent bias and possible conflicts of interest involved in “advising” and then also “managing” the assets of a captive. As non-discretionary advisors, we do not manage portfolios but rather help captives to implement customized investment programs or specific strategies. We do so in accordance with the insurer’s liabilities, liquidity requirements, risk budget, regulatory, accounting and tax situation. Our tailored solutions often include investment strategy and guideline design, benchmark customization and strategic and tactical portfolio optimizations.

CapVisor Associates serves as a trusted advisor to clients, acting as an extension of their executive management team, Board ort investment committee to provide investment program enhancements and value- added services with expertise, diligence and integrity.

Services include:

Consulting – Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) - CapVisor provides:

Investment policy design/revision; Benchmark construction or revision; Strategic Asset Allocation selection/customization; Portfolio optimization, tax efficiency analysis, etc.; Manager(s) selection (ManagerMatch); Transition support and implementation; Relationship management; Investment program maintenance and control; Strategy evaluation, tactical portfolio oversight; Performance measurement (risk-adjusted, after tax) & attribution

Manager Selection - Replace or augment Investment Manager(s) - CapVisor provides:

1) access and professional, risk-adjusted performance evaluations of more than 3,000 investment managers and over 20,000 strategies applying our expertise in analyzing Manager-provided performance data submitted to Informa’s PSN manager database.

2) Guidance and expertise in manager evaluation/selection at NO COST to the captive; Evaluation of client situation (LOB’s, Risk Profile, etc.) and investment requirements; top-quartile, pre-screened insurance asset managers from our proprietary network for review by client; Transition support and implementation; Relationship management, program maintenance and control, performance measurement (risk-adjusted, after tax)

Special Projects – Strategic Asset Allocation Analysis; Tactical Portfolio Optimizations; Reinsurance Program Analysis; Investment Analytics; Specialized Reporting; LOC vs. Reinsurance Trust Analysis; Vendor Selection; Schedule D accounting and reporting, Custodian, Securities Lending Agent, Trustee, Banking Services

Carl E. Terzer
Principal & Founder

Carl, as Chief Investment Strategist and founder, Brings 38 years of insurance asset management experience< 27 year or which were spent with major Walls Street investment firms. In addition, he has 20+ years of expertise in working with captive and ALTS risk industry experience to improve and optimize client investment programs. He is a frequent speaker at captive industry conference, design and teaches the ICCIE Investment Course and has serves on multiple boards and committees within the captive community.

Debbie Leich
Managing Director, Head of Relationship Management

Debbie specializes in investment strategy design, strategic asset allocation, ALM, risk management, investment manager selection and oversight, for domestic and international captive insurers, and other alternative risk transfer programs (RRGs, cell captives and self-insurance pools), and extensive experience in US, Bermuda and Cayman domiciles.

Travis Terzer
Director, Head of Business Development/Investment Analytics

Travis provides high-level quantitative skills in investment strategy design, strategic asset allocation optimization, and quantitative investment manager performance analysis. He has expertise in constructing unique asset allocation/investment manager combinations to provide client superior risk-adjusted returns.