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Our adviser-led asset management service is a full end-to-end proposition, from identifying client objectives and risk appetite to designing a framework, portfolio construction and management, to ongoing monitoring and reporting. We can even help you with finding a custodian.

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London & Capital is an investment management firm with a specialism in managing assets for Captive insurers. We have a capital preservation philosophy that stretches back to 1986. The company is employee-owned and has over 120 employees worldwide, with its headquarters in London as well as offices in Barbados & Barcelona, Spain.

Our clients entrust us to manage more than $4.6 billion of discretionary assets on their behalf and we’re growing each year, as investors from all over the world recognise the value of our collaborative approach. Roughly one-third of these assets are managed on behalf of institutional clients, predominantly Captive insurers. These portfolios encompass a wide range of strategies and risk appetites from highly constrained and conservative bond mandates to broader multi-asset solutions.

Our team of experienced insurance industry specialists focus on advising you on the most appropriate strategy, tailored for your business in the most effective and capital-efficient manner. We work to create individual investment portfolios structured around the specific needs of each Captive.

More than ever, captive insurers need objective advice on the right investment allocation for their portfolios. With our adviser-led asset management approach, we give advice that is in the best interests of our clients and our multi-asset offering has the same fee regardless of the asset class invested in – aligning incentives and reassuring our clients we’re on their side of the table.

Smaller insurers tend to fall below the radar of larger asset managers and consultants who often do not have the focus or resources to deal with them. Our segregated portfolios are designed around the needs of cell captives and reinsurance companies giving smaller captives the chance to benefit from the same investment philosophy and expertise available to larger captives. Our minimum investment for this service is $250,000/€200,000.

The key differentiator is London & Capital’s quality of service and provision of an end-to-end solution to insurer’s needs. We view our relationships as a partnership and engage in detail with existing and prospective clients to help them identify and define their requirements, establish suitable guidelines and risk tolerances, and then to construct suitable portfolios within their risk budgets. This is complemented by a comprehensive online reporting system, provided by Clearwater Analytics, which covers all the main accounting requirements as well as regulatory reporting such as for Solvency II.

Our entire institutional service offering to you is covered by a single agreed fee rate, with no hidden extras.

Our end-to-end service:

Identify - We work with you to identify the key drivers of your business, your objectives and what the liquidity and cash flow requirements are, as well as constraints such as the amount of solvency capital available.

Establish - With the information above, we help you to establish a realistic investment risk appetite which gives both a target and an upper limit of the investment risk you are prepared to take. We help ensure that this is a value that is easy to understand and that the board and/or the investment committee are comfortable with.

Develop - Given your risk appetite and your liquidity requirements, we will assist you in developing a suitable investment strategy, including defining acceptable asset classes and investment limits. We are happy to provide workshops on investments to help guide this process so all stakeholders are satisfied that they understand how each element interacts and how the strategy may respond to different market conditions.

Construct - Once your strategy is agreed, our investment experts will construct a portfolio to meet your requirements, while taking into account current market conditions. Therefore your portfolio will change over time as we seek to take advantage of opportunities or avoid unacceptable risks, while remaining within the agreed guidelines.

Report - In addition to attending your Board and Investment Committee meetings, we will provide you with access to a comprehensive reporting suite which will provide you with daily portfolio details, risk metrics and compliance reports as well as reconciled monthly positions suitable for your financial and regulatory reporting requirements.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Asset Management
  • Advisor
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Investment Strategy


  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman
  • Barbados
  • Guernsey
  • Gibraltar
  • Malta
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Any other EU domicile

Damian Cocking
Executive Director, Institutional Business Development

Damian joined London & Capital with nearly 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, to lead the Institutional Business Development. In the last 20 years his work has focused on business development in the offshore and international markets for Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Stenham and more recently as Head of International Business Development at Rathbones. Damian has worked closely with companies and their senior management to build strong strategic partnerships and develop business in both the private client and institutional

Kate Miller
Partner, Head of Institutional Business

Kate joined London and Capital as Head of Institutional Business in October 2017, with a brief to build and enhance the existing institutional foundations and expand the client base into new areas. Kate joins from P-Solve where she was a director providing an out-sourced CIO service to clients

Chris Dalziel
Executive Director 

Chris is a relationship manager, developing our ReCo business, servicing cell captives in the US and Europe. He regularly travels to the US, Bermuda and Cayman attending client board meetings. Chris has degrees in Economics and Law from the University of York, holds the DipCII designation and level 1 CFA.

Darren Treasure
Executive Director & Head of Caribbean

Darren Treasure joins London & Capital with 23 years' experience in investment management for high net worth families and individuals. Darren has built and managed diversified portfolios utilising all asset classes and security types as well as worked closely with Investment Committees and Boards of Directors to set and monitor Investment Guidelines to ensure an appropriate risk-return and subsequently presenting results. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics and is a Chartered Professional Accountant of Canada and Chartered Financial Analyst.