[Last updated: 19/07/16]
Regulatory contact:
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
Address of regulator
Laupenstrasse 27, CH-3003 Bern
Telephone Number
+41-31-327-91 71
Email Address

Name of Captive Legislation
Insurance Supervisory Law, Regulation for the Supervision of Insurance

Year Legislation Passed

Recent Amendments

Do you allow Cell Captives?
No, not allowed

Total Number of Licenced Captives

Number of Risk Retention Groups or Group Captives

Number of Single Parent Captives

Number of Cell Captives

Number of licences granted in the past year (2018 calendar year)

Approximate (or Average) length of time to process a new captive  
Approx. 4 months

Captive tax rates  
Please contact Swiss tax authorities

Minimum capitalisation rate  
Direct Captives writing third-party business: 5 million Swiss francs ; Reinsurance captives: 3 million Swiss francs

Licencing fees  
Based on actual expenditure

Industry sectors best represented in the domicile  
Various industry sectors

Top uses for captives  
Property & casualty, credit

Total premiums received by the Captives
Not disclosed

Total value of assets under management
Not disclosed

Captive Insurance Managers registered to conduct business in the domicile
FINMA authorises the captives but does not grant a separate licence for captive managers.