Marsh Captive Solutions

Marsh Captive Solutions

Marsh Captive Solutions offers industry leading experience in captive program design and management that spans 50 years, with offices in all major captive domiciles. We have 500 professionals dedicated to management and risk financing activities for 1,450 captives and other licensed insurance entities.

Marsh Captive Solutions
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As the largest captive manager in the world, Marsh Captive Solutions utilizes innovative proprietary technology, extensive benchmarking analysis, ongoing training programs, dedicated captive actuaries, and an unparalleled global network of captive advisory and management experts to provide our clients with superior captive programs. Our professionals work with you every step of the way, from the incorporation of your captive through its active day-to-day management, with a wide variety of offerings — including accounting, insurance, claims, personnel, and management information services.

Forming and managing a captive is no small task; it requires a long-term commitment. Marsh has captive professionals who work with you to determine whether a captive is right for your organization, and then work hand-in-hand with your legal and financial representatives to help form and manage the captive facility within the proper tax and accounting guidelines. Through comprehensive feasibility studies, Marsh’s skilled captive advisory professionals counsel clients on the pros and cons of captive formation, enabling them to make informed decisions before investing in this long-term risk management program and consulting with them on the multiple alternative applications that a captive can provide.

Marsh’s captive advisory professionals continually monitor insurance market conditions and assist clients in tailoring their insurance programs to adjust to changes in those conditions. Marsh also maintains close working relationships with all of the major reinsurers, many of which have specific business units dedicated to working with alternative insurance facilities such as captives.

Once you’ve made the decision to develop a captive, choosing the appropriate location is critical to its success. Marsh’s captive professionals assist organizations in selecting the proper domiciles. We will work with you to evaluate your organization’s business goals and geographic location and the potential captive domiciles’ infrastructure, tax structures, and treaties. Once your organization has decided on the domicile, a designated team led by Marsh’s captive management professionals guides the process from incorporation to active day-to-day management. Marsh has been assisting captives for 50 years. We have built long lasting
relationships with key service providers such as actuaries, attorneys, and auditors—all essential to the smooth operation of a captive.

Our Marsh Captive Solutions Actuarial Group comprises credentialed actuaries and supporting actuarial analysts. Our actuaries consult exclusively with captive and self-insurance programs in numerous global domiciles. Actuarial services are a vital piece of a captive insurer’s operations. Actuaries support the sustainable and effective operation of captive insurers by evaluating the reasonableness of unpaid loss
reserves and premium, captive feasibility, transfer of risk, capital adequacy, and a myriad of other issues including assistance with communicating with other captive insurance stakeholders such as auditors, insurers, and insurance regulators.

With experts who understand your unique risks, the resources to deliver the most comprehensive captive management solutions, and the most talented, dedicated people in the business, Marsh is here to help your business gain freedom from commercial insurance markets — and to achieve the rewards that lie on the other side of risk.

Areas of specialisation​:​

  • Captive management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Domicile Reviews
  • Accounting
  • Claims Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Captive Actuarial
  • Analytics
  • Isosceles
  • Mangrove


  • Americas (US, Islands)
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East

michael-serricchio-2017-crop.jpgMichael Serricchio
Americas Sales leader

Mike assists clients with the feasibility and organization of captives, risk retention groups, and rent-a-captives, including strategic reviews. Frequently reviews mergers and acquisition transactions where there are multiple captive subsidiaries and handles consulting services on captive issues such as capitalization levels, new coverages, tax concepts, investment opportunities, and cost savings.

lorrainestack.jpgLorraine Stack
International Advisory and Sales leader

Lorraine is responsible for the coordination of international business development initiatives and activities. She has significant experience in employee benefit (EB) captive implementation and as a specialist advisor, has assisted a number of high-profile captive clients through complex transactions including the recent authorization of ground-breaking EB captive programs.

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