Captive International Cayman Awards: letters of credit specialist

Winner: Martin Ellis, senior vice president, manager, Comerica

Highly commended: Michael McCarty, vice president, Comerica

Highly commended: Todd Winchel, administrative vice president. Wilmington

Martin Ellis has written many articles over the years on topics such as banking services, letters of credit, custody, and banking regulations that have been published in the leading captive publications. He has also produced educational videos explaining letters of credit, reinsurance trusts and custody for captives. He is a CPA, has a BBA from the University of Notre Dame, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Michael McCarty is a vice president at Comerica and has been with the bank for close to 20 years. He provides a full range of business banking solutions to companies in many different industries, and he has been working exclusively with captives and visiting the Cayman Islands for the past 17 years. He is recognised and well liked around the Island, and is described by several respondents as an excellent complement to Marty Ellis. Others highlight his extremely helpful and diligent nature as a service provider.

Todd Winchel has more than 30 years of institutional trust and custody experience, much of which he spent working with the insurance sector, and he has helped establish and maintain thousands of trusts. He joined Wilmington’s global capital market division in 2014 to co-lead the insurance collateral solutions business. Before that he was at Wells Fargo, where he was senior vice president in corporate, municipal and escrow services. He is based in New York.