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A tempest in a teacup?


With Solvency II imminent, US captives are watching Europe’s new regulatory regime with interest. Some believe its implications will be significant. Some are convinced otherwise. US Captive addresses both sides.

Regulatory complexity, simplified

EMEA30-11-2010Pierre Sonigo

Pierre Sonigo outlines the progress of European regulatory developments and explains why expected changes are as easy to understand as counting from one to five.

Captive evolution

EMEA30-11-2010RatingsYvette Essen

Yvette Essen provides an overview of the captive market, and indicates that there is cause for both opportunity and caution, with regulatory developments likely to have a significant impact on the sector.

Solvency II: engage and differentiate

EMEA30-11-2010EMEA Captive

EMEA Captive examines perceptions of the Solvency II regime in its present form, and asks industry players whether the regime is appropriate to the captive sector.

Middle Eastern promise

EMEA30-11-2010Shaun Brook

With uncertainties continuing over offshore domiciles and the likely impact of Solvency II , Shaun Brook examines the potential of the Middle East as a growing and competitive captive hub.

An agreement of principles (BMA code of conduct)

Bermuda, Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean30-11-2010Paul O'Neill

With the BMA’s new code of conduct imminent, Paul O’Neill addresses its implicat ions for Bermuda’s captive sector.

Striking the right balance with Solvency II equivalence


Bermuda’s decision to opt for Solvency II equivalence will have an undoubted impact upon its captive sector. Bermuda Captive discusses the merits of the decision.

Strengthening the island's regulatory position

Bermuda30-11-2010Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox, CEO of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, outlines the implications of Solvency II and the Authority’s new Code of Conduct, and explains that there is much to commend and little to fear from the new measures.

Due south: Bermuda and the Canadian tax exchange agreement

Bermuda30-11-2010Bermuda Captive

With a tax information exchange agreement with Canada due to be ratified in the country’s coming parliament, Bermuda Captive examines its implications for the Island’s captive sector.

Showing 131 to 139 of 139 results

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