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Montana court rules on legal status of a PCC

North America10-08-2015

Despite their common usage throughout the world, the legal status of protected cell companies has rarely been tested. A recent judgment by Montana Federal Court will make for interesting reading—and it should allay the fears of many, as Nigel Feetham, partner at law firm Hassans tells US Captive.

A new horizon

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean, Latin America, North America05-06-2015David Gibbons

David Gibbons, managing director of PwC Bermuda’s dedicated captive group, discusses growth opportunities for Bermuda’s evolving captive insurance industry and strategies for increasing captive value.

Stability sets it apart

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean05-06-2015Eric Heinrichs and David Thompson

The captive industry in Bermuda has enjoyed regulatory stability in recent years—something that has given it an edge in many ways, as Eric Heinrichs and David Thompson from KPMG explain to Bermuda Captive.

An approach that’s as unique as your business

Bermuda, Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean05-06-2015

Butterfield offers an innovative approach that is as unique as each business its experts deal with.

Bermuda: Market leader

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean, Latin America05-06-2015Neil Horner, Federico Candiolo and Christa Schweizer

Bermuda remains the domicile of choice for many captive owners. Neil Horner, Federico Candiolo and Christa Schweizer from ASW Law explore the many reasons the Island is fast becoming a favourite for Latin American captives.

Striking a balance

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean05-06-2015

Bermuda Captive speaks to Peter Willitts, vice president of the Bermuda Captive Owners Association, about how the Island can retain its title of domicile of choice for captives.

The road to coordination

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean05-06-2015

The Bermuda Business Development Agency is a relatively new entity in Bermuda and its targeted approach to business development is already paying dividends, as CEO Ross Webber explained to Bermuda Captive.

Pragmatism meets innovation

Bermuda, Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean05-06-2015

The Bermuda Monetary Authority remains committed to regulating in accordance with evolving international standards while continuing to facilitate a business environment that encourages creativity and innovation, as Shelby Weldon, the authority’s director, licensing and authorisations, explains to Bermuda Captive.

Regulatory élan

North America05-08-2014

The growth in US domiciles with captive regulation on their books has raised questions about the regulatory oversight of less experienced domiciles.

Small, but growing

North America04-08-2014

Showing 81 to 90 of 139 results

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