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Captive International US Focus 2022 published

United States08-08-2022Captive

US Focus 2022 explores the most pressing issues in the US captive market today.

The next big thing: Insurance-as-a-Service

United States07-06-2022Captive, Risk management

Solutions to issues such as cybersecurity, trucker liability, and firearms insurance will not be driven simply by regulations or technology. We need to think differently about how to do it, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

A day in the life of a captive consultant

North America02-11-2021Captive

Bruce Whitmore of Willis Towers Watson provides an overview of the skills captive consultants must develop and the questions to be asked on a daily basis.

Risk management and captives

North America17-02-2021

Good risk management is crucial to the operation of any business, and captive insurance companies are excellent vehicles for effective risk management, says John Talley of the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance.

Captives by numbers

North America03-02-2021

Estimations of the number of captives that exist globally vary, and a closer look at the numbers reveals some peculiar trends, says Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

CFSIC's Maglaras urges government to use captives to provide pandemic support

North America14-01-2021Captive

Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company is a textbook example of how a captive can step into the breach when the commercial market walks away from a crisis. Michael Maglaras, its superintendent, believes captives should now be centre-stage in dealing with the pandemic crisis.

Captive International announces the winners of its inaugural US Captive Awards

North America05-10-2020Captive

Captive International is proud to name the winners of its inaugural US Captive Awards, recognising the best in class providers across the full spectrum of disciplines active in the captive insurance industry.

Vote in the inaugural US Captive Awards

North America13-08-2020

Captive International is asking its readers to vote for the best captive insurance jurisdictions, managers, lawyers, and other service providers in its inaugural US Captive Awards.

Insurance faces a war on two fronts

North America24-06-2020Legislation

The insurance industry says pandemic risk is uninsurable. In fact, nothing is uninsurable if the problem is approached with sufficient creativity. Unless insurers change their tune, they may be hastening their demise, as businesses look elsewhere for solutions to their pandemic problems, says Butler University’s Zach Finn.

Updates for MSSP and Next Generation ACOs during COVID-19

North America23-06-2020Health

CMS has made a number of changes to MSSP and Next Gen ACOs, some of which are inherent to the individual programmes and some of which have been created and added specifically to counter the effects of the COVID-19 public health emergency. Chris Coulter of Archway Health examines the changes.

Showing 1 to 10 of 205 results

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