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A fragile asset

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013

In the age of social networking and global media, a company’s reputation is under siege at every corner. The captive concept can provide valuable protection to this intangible, but invaluable, asset.

Cayman: clearly the better choice

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013

Domicile selection can be a challenge, particularly in light of the diversity of options. James Rawcliffe of Sagicor talks us through his experiences and the relative merits of three of the leading global domiciles.

Parental control

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013AM Best

Captive formations and premium growth is as much about a desire for control as it is about the market cycle, with captives providing an invaluable ERM tool to parent companies, finds AM Best.

Exploring cells in healthcare

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Solomon Harris

Cayman captives are increasingly converting to segregated portfolio companies, particularly in the healthcare sector and as a result of US healthcare reform. Paul Scrivener and Stefanie Suckoo at Solomon Harris review the conversion process and the options available to captives.

Emergency response

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Michael Frick

Michael Frick, writing for US healthcare risk management consultant Pendulum, details how protecting providers’ responses to adverse medical events can help strengthen healthcare delivery.

Examining confidence levels

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013

Ben Leung and Rennie Khan of PKF (Cayman) and Steven Glicksman of Glicksman Consulting provide their insights into loss reserves and confidence levels from the perspective of an actuary and an auditor.

Proposed ASU: a broad reach

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Ian Lomas

Ian Lomas of RSM explores how the impact of proposed accounting standards will extend beyond the insurance industry.

FATCA and its implications for Cayman insurers

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Tim Min

FATCA has changed the tax position of companies working with US clients and Cayman captives would do well to consider its effects. Tim Min unpicks some of the complexities.

A new convergence

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013

Craig Redcliffe of EY tells Cayman Captive how a seismic shift in the reinsurance market could mean new opportunities for the captive insurance industry.

Back in the driver’s seat

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Gary L Markham

Gary R Markham of LSG tells Cayman Captive why e-bidding will put captives back in control of their outsourced professional services.

Showing 81 to 90 of 123 results

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