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Time to exit your 831(b) captive?

North America27-03-2020Captive

Owners of 831(b) tax-elected captives, and their advisors, have watched with alarm as the 30-year old 831(b) tax election has come under mounting scrutiny. These concerns flared up again with the recent circulation of intimidating letters from the IRS. Owners of 831(b)s have a decision to make about whether they persist with their current arrangements, says Captive Alternative’s Emilie Gastley.

Funding for employee benefits: one size doesn’t fit all

North America26-09-2019Captive, Health

As the regulatory environment around the healthcare industry changes, so must employer attitudes and approaches to offering healthcare benefits. Making the switch from traditional health benefits insurance to a self-funded plan can have a number of advantages, principally cost savings and increased flexibility, says Emilie Gastley at Captive Alternatives.

The swinging pendulum

North America05-08-2019Captive

There is hope that the pendulum of IRS scrutiny will reach a place of equilibrium with respect to small captives, as Emilie Gastley of Captive Alternatives explains.

Judgment time for small captives goes on

North America17-09-2018Captive

Fresh from its victory in the Avrahami and Reserve Mechanical cases, the IRS has set its sights on three more small captives. If it keeps winning, could that spell doom and gloom for the small captives sector, or the wider captive insurance industry? Captive International investigates.

Puerto Rico: an emerging captive domicile

Latin America12-01-2018Captive

Puerto Rico is working on its strategy to become the ‘Singapore of the West’, explains David Kirkup, CFO and COO of Captive Alternatives.

Tax reform – what’s next for captives?

North America06-12-2017Captive

US Tax Reform has now passed the Senate. Next steps are to reconcile the House and Senate bills, and then issue the final rules. David Kirkup, CFO and COO at Captive Alternatives, explores what this will mean, if anything, for captive insurance companies in the next year.

831(b) – The future of a flawed model

North America27-11-2017Captive

The reputation of 831(b)s has become tarnished, and business owners are considering whether these structures are worth the trouble, explains David Kirkup, COO and CFO at Captive Alternatives.

Enterprise risk management in the small and medium company

North America13-11-2017Captive, Risk management

ERM involves a significant allocation of resources which many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford, however a captive may provide a more viable alternatives, according to David Kirkup, COO and CFO at Captive Alternatives.

831(b) blues: the Avrahami aftermath

North America25-08-2017Captive, Legislation, Risk managementOwen Faulkner

One of the most closely watched cases in the captive industry has drawn to a close, and the IRS has scored a win against 831(b)s in the case of Avrahami v Commissioner. Various experts weigh in on what can be taken away from this result.

Winners and losers post Brexit


The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will present many challenges for the captives sector—but the biggest could simply be managing the inevitable period of uncertainty during the waiting game before the details of a post-Brexit world start to emerge, EMEA Captive reports.

Showing 1 to 10 of 12 results

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