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Managing the risk of rogue employees


Research reports by security firm AlgoSec, the SANS Institute and Kroll all confirm that the greatest threat to your company and network comes not from hackers on the outside trying to get in, but from employees either intentionally or unintentionally causing damage from within. IATA’s Dexter Morse discusses how companies can better protect themselves.

Employee benefit captives demonstrate their value through COVID-19

Global10-06-2020Employee Benefits

It has been a turbulent start to 2020, with the world battling one of the most significant pandemics seen in a century and financial markets in turmoil. People have rarely faced so much uncertainty, risk and insecurity, but companies with employee benefits captives have one thing less to worry about, says Willis Towers Watson’s Paul McNiff.

Letting your captive fly


The availability of cheap insurance from commercial providers has prevented airlines from leaning too heavily on their captives. However, rates have been increasing, and with the outlook for the global economy looking grim, airlines are looking for creative ways to cut costs and improve risk management. Captives can help them with that, as Captive International reports.

Hong Kong could become a captives hotspot for Belt and Road companies


Hong Kong’s new insurance regime could make the territory a hotspot for captives for Chinese companies, and any companies involved in infrastructure projects related to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Managing captives amid rising social inflation

North America05-06-2020Legislation

Social inflation is on the rise, and with it, loss liability claims. Captives should be aware of this trend and establish strategies to manage the resulting risks, say John Ferrara and Margo Mackenzie of EY.

How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting captives

North America03-06-2020

The alternative risk market has always been creative and responsive to “uninsurable” events, but the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing risk in unexpected places, and challenging old notions about what does or does not constitute insurance. Captives have a real opportunity to step up and help businesses navigate the changing risk landscape, says Gary Osborne of Risk Partners.

The future of work: captives and the gig economy


Gig workers are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy, a phenomenon that is likely to be accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Captives must adapt to the trend by offering flexibility at work, says Greg Lang of RAIN.

How captives can help fill pandemic coverage gaps

North America15-05-2020Captive

An increasing number of captives have been looking at writing business interruption coverage for their owners. They should tread carefully, as doing so without following the correct procedures could have adverse tax implications, says Davis Smith of Bradley.

Breaking the rule of indemnity


What qualifies as insurance? Risk transfer and risk distribution are usually cited as key factors, but what if a policy passes this two-part test, before failing the ‘rule of indemnity’ test, asks Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

How to identify the next ‘unprecedented’ event

Global12-05-2020Risk management

Identifying low probability, high severity risks can be a challenge, as evidenced by the large number of companies caught without coverage when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The Delphi method is one way that companies can prepare for the unexpected, says Gordon Thompson of AmeRisk Consulting.

Showing 101 to 110 of 804 results

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