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Wildfire risk

North America07-08-2019Captive, Energy

No smoke without wildfire Given that the exposure to wildfire risk experienced over the last two years is expected to worsen in 2019 and beyond, utility and energy companies are increasingly looking at how they can use captive insurance. US Captive explores this emerging trend.

How to dodge a commercial rate hike

North America07-08-2019Captive, Ratings

As commercial insurance rates start to harden, more sophisticated owners of captives are starting to leverage them to avoid rate hikes by using analytics or looking to access the reinsurance markets directly. US Captive reports.

From concept to formation: the early stages of a captive

North America07-08-2019Captive

Cyclicality in the supply of insurance can be very frustrating for businesses that need steady, predictable coverage. A captive can offer a solution, but insureds need to know what to expect if the transition is to be a rewarding one, says Steven Gibson of Dealer Risk Services.

The uncertain future of 831(b)s

North America06-08-2019Captive

The Syzygy opinion marks the third significant microcaptive loss in the US Tax Court, and prominent captive managers have come under fire for allegedly designing and selling sham 831(b) captives. What does this mean for their future? US Captive investigates.

Captives 101: a primer

North America06-08-2019Captive

The world of captive insurance can be confusing, with so many different structures available, and so many different factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Captives in paradise

Hawaii, North America06-08-2019Captive

Hawaii should be on any potential captive owner’s shortlist, with its long history in the business, community of service providers and helpful regulator, say Matt Takamine and Paul Shimomoto of the Hawaii Captive Insurance Council.

Masters of digital transformation

North America05-08-2019Captive

Since January 2018 RYSKEX has been helping clients come to terms with, and profit from, the digital transformation sweeping the industry. The firm’s Marcus Schmalbach spoke to US Captive about what the company has been working on.

Legacy solutions to the rescue

North America05-08-2019Captive

Legacy and run-off solutions can offer many benefits to captives, but more 
education is needed in the sector around the sophistication of these techniques and their uses, says Paul Corver of Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings.

The swinging pendulum

North America05-08-2019Captive

There is hope that the pendulum of IRS scrutiny will reach a place of equilibrium with respect to small captives, as Emilie Gastley of Captive Alternatives explains.

Managing premium taxes

North America02-08-2019Captive

Careful planning can help reduce the risk of exposure to premium taxes outside a captive’s domicile, says Joseph Holahan of Morris, Manning and Martin.

Showing 101 to 110 of 666 results

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