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Domiciles: business friendly or tax focused? How to prepare your captive

North America15-05-2019Pete Kranz

Could high-profile settlements with the State of Washington lead to more captive domiciles following a similar path? Or will they adopt a more pro-business stance, like North Carolina? Pete Kranz, executive managing director and captive practice leader of Beecher Carlson, provides some key considerations on where to domicile a captive.

A&H solutions for optimising captive risk assumption

North America13-05-2019Phillip Giles

As the lines between P&C and A&H coverages continue to blur, captives are gaining increased crossover relevance and are being used in more innovative ways. Phillip Giles, vice president, sales & marketing, accident & health, at QBE North America, has the details.

Lloyd’s Lab: shaping the future for complex, hard-to-place risks

London, UK08-05-2019Marcus Schmalbach

On May 6 the second cohort of Lloyd’s Lab kicked off in the venerable Lloyd’s building on Lime Street—the heart of the London Market. Marcus Schmalbach, CEO and founder of Ryskex, provides a glimpse behind the scenes from the eyes of a participant.

Not automating? Your captives may be facing a slew of new challenges

North America18-04-2019Captive

Technology, more specifically automation, will keep your captives relevant in these uncertain times, says Rachel Lyubovitzy, CEO of software company EverythingBenefits.

Risk pools: guesswork not allowed

North America15-04-2019Matthew Queen

The outcome of Syzygy v Commissioner marks another IRS victory against 831(b) captives. What went wrong this time? Matthew Queen, general counsel & chief compliance officer, Venture Captive Management, has the details.

BEPS and substance requirements: Hugh’s views

Guernsey08-04-2019Hugh Rosenbaum

Guernsey has satisfied the much-debated OECD BEPS substance requirements for captives operating there. Industry veteran and retired principal of Towers Watson, Hugh Rosenbaum, shares his views.

Economic substance and Bermuda’s insurance industry

Bermuda29-03-2019CaptiveJanine Carey

Bermuda’s insurers—and, by extension, captive insurers—have until July 1 to satisfy the government’s new economic substance requirements, which have a considerably broad scope. Janine Carey, associate at Appleby, has the details.

Blockchain: how smart contracts disrupt traditional cat bond structures

North America25-03-2019

Blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts, could have profound implications for the way traditional cat bond structures work, explains Simon Kolkmann of BlockART Institute.

CICA conference addresses widening captive talent crisis

North America15-03-2019Captive

The insurance industry is facing a talent crisis, and this is especially true for the captives market. Captive International reported live from the Captive Insurance Companies Association annual conference, which has increased its efforts towards spreading awareness and closing the talent gap.

Captives in the modern world: Q&A with VCM’s Matthew Queen

Cayman Islands, North America13-03-2019Captive

​Most literature on the captives sector overemphasises the role of tax-efficient 831(b) captives, but this represents only a small slice of what a captive insurance programme can do, according to Matthew Queen, general counsel at Venture Captive Management.

Showing 121 to 130 of 666 results

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