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Middle Eastern promise

EMEA30-11-2010Shaun Brook

With uncertainties continuing over offshore domiciles and the likely impact of Solvency II , Shaun Brook examines the potential of the Middle East as a growing and competitive captive hub.

Captives: onwards and upwards

30-11-2010Dennis Harwick and Les Boughner

Les Boughner and Dennis Hardwick outline the state of play facing the industry and how captives are responding to changing regulatory conditions.

Jersey: excellence offshore

EMEA30-11-2010Geoff Cook

Geoff Cook details Jersey’s leading position as an offshore financial domicile and explains why the island has grown increasingly attractive to the international captive industry

Isle of Man: in the top tier

EMEA30-11-2010John Batty

John Batty talks to EMEA Captive about the strength of the Isle of Man’s offering, and explains how recent legislative developments have made it an increasingly attractive domicile for the captive industry.

Malta: European but distinct

EMEA, Malta30-11-2010Dr Matthew Bianchi

Malta is faring well as a leading European domicile. Here Dr Matthew Bianchi outlines the island’s continuing success.

Jordan: a bridge between continents

EMEA30-11-2010Firs Abd-Alhadi

Jordan has been forging ahead as a captive destination on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Firas Abd-Alhadi outlines the case for the state as an emerging captive hub.

Qatar: a rising star in the gulf

EMEA30-11-2010Ashkay Randeva

Akshay Randeva talks to EMEA Captive about Qatar’s captive offering and how the emirate is looking to differentiate itself from the international competition.

Labuan: more than a tropical paradise

30-11-2010David Kinloch

There are few more dynamic domiciles globally than Labuan in Malaysia. The tropical paradise has taken off as a captive domicile, and its attractions—both geographic and regulatory—are outlined here.

EMEA: a bright future

Europe30-11-2010EMEA Captive

Captive growth expectations in the EMEA region

The mood music deepens (regulation and corporate governance)

Bermuda, Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean30-11-2010Tom McMahon

As the mood music for global corporate governance and regulation develops, Bermuda responds to the changing beat .

Showing 591 to 600 of 678 results

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