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FATCA: towards transparency

30-11-2011Jonathan Treadway

Washington’s introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is creating additional concerns for offshore entities. Here, the implications of greater tax cooperation and transparency are explored.

Understanding your risks

EMEA30-11-2011EMEA Captive

Alan Fleming of the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce (AIRMIC) addresses the key risk management concerns faced by today’s captive industry.

Canadian prospects

30-11-2011Ian Bridges and Kara Ann Selby

The Canada–Cayman Islands bilateral tax information exchange agreement opens further doors for Canadian-owned captive insurance entities.

Accounting evolution - IFRS

30-11-2011Ben Leung and Rennie Khan

As the International Accounting Standards Board develops its reporting requirements, PKF’s Ben Leung and Rennie Khan examine the International Financial Reporting Standard 9 and its application for insurance.

Balancing data protection and availability

30-11-2011Jennifer Nelson

CS Stars outlines the role that risk management data can play in informing key management decisions for today’s captive entities.

Analytics and the art of risk differentiation

30-11-2011Mike Chmielowiec and Barry Fogel

PointRight explains how strong data analytics can help captive managers build a profitable healthcare captive, even in a soft market.

Strength in numbers - risk pooling

30-11-2011Helen Stephenson

Nexus Re’s Helen Stephenson outlines the specifics of the company’s risk-pooling structure and details its benefits to captive entities.

Banking: finding hidden value

30-11-2011Dwight Merren, Claudio Lede and Louise Twiss West

In the current interest rate environment, banks are forced to become more competitive. HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, is well positioned to do just that.

Sunshine assured (Sunshine Suites Resort)

30-11-2011Sunshine Suites resort

Six years since going independent, the Sunshine Suites Resort continues to offer quality service and the unique hospitality enjoyed by its guests.

The US industry: holding its breath

30-11-2011Dennis Harwick

A host of issues confront the captive industry, but clarity on how exactly they will play out continues to elude participants. In the meantime, the industry is taking a wait-and-see approach to its future progress.

Showing 601 to 610 of 713 results

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