Bermuda Captive Conference returns with a bang


Bermuda Captive Conference returns with a bang

The 2022 Bermuda Captive Conference has gotten off to a great start, said Helen Souza, business development manager at the Bermuda Business Development Agency.

This year’s conference has seen one significant change from previous conferences, she told Captive International.

“Historically the Bermuda Captive Conference (BCC) has been one of three entities on Bermuda involved in the captive space—there’s been the BCC, the Bermuda Captive Owners Association, and the Bermuda Insurance Managers Association. They’ve all now amalgamated and come under the umbrella of the Bermuda Captive Network.”

She added: “The theme for this year’s event is 'Fusion'. It’s the first captive conference we’ve had since the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s also the only captive conference of its kind that is hybrid—we opened it up to an in-person and a virtual attendee list. We have more than 300 of the latter and around 367 of the former, so in terms of coming back with a bang after a few years of hiatus, I think that the Network has achieved a class A event here in Bermuda. 

“The event is very well attended, it’s content rich. There’s a lot of intellectual capital in Bermuda, especially in the captive insurance industry, given the breadth and depth of quality service providers that reside here."

Souza said that Bermuda's re/insurance market continues to find innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. Bermuda consistently comes to the table with those solutions when required, and punches well above its weight, she explained.  

However, Souza underlined that she agreed with Patrick Tannock’s (chief executive of XL Bermuda) remarks in her opening panel which stressed Bermuda cannot be complacent about its place in the industry and the overall market, and underlined that it must remain solution-orientated, friction-free and proactively adaptive. 

Souza also underlined the importance of collaboration, citing that every example of Bermuda’s ability to bring industry, government and the regulator together has translated into success for the jurisdiction.

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