Cayman releases captive data


The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) has released a report outlining its latest update on captives in the Cayman Islands.

As of September 2014, Cayman had 415 pure captives (54 percent), 138 segregated portfolio companies (18 percent) and 130 group captives (17 percent).

Other categories include 39 special purpose vehicles (5 percent), 41 commercial insurers (5 percent) and two reinsurers. The 138 segregated portfolio companies include a total of 602 active segregated portfolios.

In terms of casualty lines, medical malpractice liability was written by 257 captives (34 percent), followed by workers compensation with 167 (22 percent) and property with 89 (12 percent). Other major lines include general liability with 78 captives (10 percent) and professional liability with 68 (9 percent).


Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Cayman

Captive International