Davies offers regulatory advisory services to captives in Bermuda


Davies has launched a regulation and compliance advisory business. 

Davies Consulting (Bermuda) will provide insurance operations and consultancy solutions for insurance intermediaries and re/insurers with operations globally, and especially in Bermuda and the UK, mirroring its operations in the UK and internationally. 

Steven Crabb, CEO of insurance services at Davies, said deepening and broadening the company’s capability was essential to remaining relevant and valuable to its significant captive client-base, which it serves through its subsidiary Quest, as well as to other clients.

“We are seeing an increasing demand from our clients for compliance expertise to help them navigate changing regulatory environments in the UK, Bermuda and the US,” he said.

The team has expertise in the UK regulatory regime of insurance intermediaries and advises on Financial Conduct Authority regulation and associated compliance requirements for those seeking to establish an insurance intermediary in the UK. 

Davies has partnerships with more than 500 insurance, highly regulated and global businesses from its operating bases in the UK, Bermuda, Ireland, the US and Canada. 

Crabb said the new business extend the value proposition of its compliance consultancy and outsourced services to insurance intermediaries, re/insurers and their Bermuda operations. 



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