NCDOI invites conference attendees to meet with team


NCDOI invites conference attendees to meet with team

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The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) has invited attendees to meet with its representatives throughout the 2021 NC Captive Insurance Association Conference.

NCDOI’s entire captive regulatory team will be participating and exhibiting at this year’s conference, taking place August 29 to September 1 at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club located in Durham, North Carolina.

Commissioner Mike Causey will speak during the annual commissioner’s luncheon, and NCDOI’s regulatory team will present a plenary session, providing an overview of the department.

The conference has also introduced a half day pre-conference dedicated to captive owners and their employees, taking place on August 30.

Debbie Walker, senior deputy commissioner of the captive insurance companies division at NCDOI, will be speaking during session three of the captive owners forum, alongside Tom Adams, president and CEO of the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association (NCCIA). They will provide an introduction to the NCDOI and NCCIA.

That same day, Leane Rafalko, chief captive analyst at NCDOI, will speak during the introduction to captive insurance and the fundamentals of captive insurance presentation, alongside Anne Marie Towle of Hyland and Amy Mailoux of First Horizon Bank. 

Later that day, the opening plenary session kicks off with a discussion of the CIC Services v Internal Revenue Service case. 

In May this year, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of CIC in its ongoing dispute with the Internal Revenue Service regarding micro captives and the legality of Notice 2016-66.

A panel consisting of the president of CIC, Sean King, the lead attorney for the company, Adam Webber, and the attorney who drafted the industry amicus brief for the state domiciles, Kevin Daughtry, will discuss the case and its ramifications for the industry.

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