Roundstone group captive clients receive healthy rebate


Roundstone, a US provider of self-funded group captive health insurance, recently distributed over $5m to US business owners currently enrolled in one of its group medical captives.

Roundstone’s captive health insurance offering allows employers to retain any money they do not spend on their annual healthcare, as well as sharing the proceeds of the captive’s yearly performance. The idea is that business owners can invest the money saved back into their internal operations.

The $5m was dispersed among 210 groups in total, with an average reported income of $24,262 per group, and the largest check sent was worth $199,000. Checks were sent via mail throughout May and into June, with the recipients including small and mid-sized companies across various industries.

Mike Schroeder, president of Roundstone, said: "Rewarding companies for their pursuit of value-added health care purchasing is important to our mission."

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