TDCI promotes Jonathan Habart to captive insurance section assistant director


TDCI promotes Jonathan Habart to captive insurance section assistant director

Jonathan Habart, TDCI

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) has named Jonathan Habart as its new captive insurance section assistant director.

Habart joined the TDCI team in 2016 and until recently served as a captive insurance specialist, monitoring, analysing and examining the financial status and regulatory compliance of captive insurance companies, among other duties. Before that he worked as an accountant for the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration. 

He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and has earned a designation as an Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI).

TDCI assistant commissioner of insurance Rachel Jrade-Rice called Habart “a natural fit for this promotion” given his knowledge and experience. “I am confident that Jonathan will be a key contributor to our captive insurance team in his new leadership role as we continue Tennessee’s upward trajectory to the top domicile choice for captive insurance companies,” she said. 

Habart promised to “work tirelessly in this role to help spur Tennessee to greater growth while ensuring a best-in-class regulatory environment.”

Tennessee currently ranks as the seventh largest captives domicile in the US, with captives bringing in an estimated $31 million in direct annual spending in the state. The sector employs more than 100 full-time professionals in Tennessee. Captives have earned the state $16 million in revenue since inception, with total premium deposits of $6.5 billion, and $3.1 million in annual taxes and fees.

Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, TDCI, Jonathan Habart, Rachel Jrade-Rice

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