Valenz acquires Kozani Health as it builds out its ecosystem of data and solutions


Valenz acquires Kozani Health as it builds out its ecosystem of data and solutions

Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer, Valenz

Vālenz has acquired Kozani Health, a provider of customised solutions to meet the challenges of paying medical claims appropriately.

Kozani Health joins the expanding Valenz ecosystem of data and solutions as Valenz ProteKHtTM. It offers detailed line-by-line bill reviews performed by nurses, certified coders and practicing specialists, to uncover inappropriate billing and care provided.

Valenz ProteKHt has success rates averaging 70 percent. Its reviews deliver savings of 10-30 percent above the PPO allowable with a signed contract, agreed upon and authorised by the provider.

Valenz, which also manages an MSL group captive called CaptiV, is focused on changing the trajectory of healthcare expenses, creating new opportunities for self-insured employers to control costs while empowering members to lead strong, vigorous and healthy lives. It promises to deliver a 20-40 percent improvement in savings from traditional health plan approaches by bridging the divide between robust analytics, care management, high-value provider networks, payment integrity and claim management.

Rob Gelb, chief executive officer at Valenz, said: “By bringing our teams together, we are providing self-funded employers and the self-insured community improved cost savings at each step in the life cycle of a claim, strengthening their ability to realise every opportunity to balance cost, quality and utilisation under the Claim Cost Arc.”

Michael Scott, chief executive officer and co-founder at Kozani Health, said: “Integrating our claim management solutions into the Valenz ecosystem will accelerate the growth and evolution of our services and bring value to our customers.”

Heather Wilson, chief operating officer and co-founder of Kozani Health, vowed the partnership will not negatively impact the service that its clients receive. “Now, we can also offer the benefit of being part of the Valenz ecosystem,” she said. “Together, we are committed to nurturing the same customer love that has made Kozani Health a symbol of success in the market.”

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