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US Captive 2019

Cayman Captive 2019

Cayman Captive 2019

  • Collaboration leads to success
  • A sound reputation
  • Keeping Cayman competitive
  • Strength in numbers
  • The top of the blockchain




Captive International November 2019

Captive International - November 2018

In this issue we examine the European Union's so-called blacklist, and the efforts of various captive domiciles to adhere to standards laid out for them with regard to economic substance. 


US Captive 2018

  • Fuelling innovation
  • Cannabis captives - hashing out the future
  • Medical stop loss captives on the rise
  • The trials and tribulations of 831(b)s
  • Not so secret: agency captives


Puerto Rico Special Report 2018

  • An emerging leader in the segregated asset environment
  • Gateway to the LATAM Insurance Market
  • Unrivalled tax incentives with all US legal protections

Cayman Captive 2018

Cayman Captive 2018

  • A framework for success
  • The sum enhances the value of the parts
  • Matching the competition
  • Setting the standard
  • Celebrating 25 years of the Cayman Captive Forum


Captive International - October 2018

In this issue we examine the next steps of OECD's BEPS plan as the finer detail is being negotiated. Guernsey Finance speaks about the island’s developing ties with China, and Appleby looks at how US tax reform, natural catastrophes and new technologies are all affecting Bermuda.


Captive International - September

In this issue we look at the pending US Tax Court cases involving small captives, how they might pan out, and what their implications could be for the sector. We also cover new technologies in the industry, medical stop loss, and risk pools.


Captive International August 2018

Captive International - August 2018

Our cover story this month is an interview with Dominic Wheatley, chief executive of Guernsey Finance, who tells Captive  International how the domicile has kept
competitive in an otherwise “stagnant” European captive market.

Captive International July 2018

Captive International - July 2018

In this issue we speak with Sandy Bigglestone of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation about the state's recently introduced captive structures that have emerged in the wake of Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT) provisions.

Captive International June 2018

Captive International - June 2018

In this issue we speak with Farah Jaafar-Crossby of Labuan IBFC about trends in the Asian markets and how the "midshore" jurisdiction is unique. We cover some of the biggest stories in the last month, including the cease & desist order given to Microsoft's captive, along with the outcome of a recent court case affecting risk retention groups.

Captive International May 2018

Captive International - May 2018

In this issue we investigate the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the captive insurance industry, as certain domiciles start to take notice. Ahead of the Bermuda Captive Conference next month, this issue also features exclusive Bermuda coverage, with a foreword from Premier David Burt and Q&A with Craig Swan of the BMA.


Captive International - April 2018

In this issue we interview Jereme Ramsay of the Bermuda Business Development Agency about how the domicile has grown over the last few years and how initiatives in Canadian and Latin American markets are contributing to future growth for Bermuda. We also explore multi-asset strategies for captives, the impact of tax reform, and cryptocurrencies.


Captive International - March 2018

In this issue we interview Anup Seth of Aon Insurance Managers (Bermuda) about the expanding role a captive can play in the retention of cyber risk, we offer extensive coverage of the Captive Insurance Companies Association’s 2018 International Conference, we explore the growing employee benefit sector, and look at trends in Bermuda and Barbados.

Captive International - February 2018


Captive International - February 2018

In this issue we interview Marsh Captive Solutions' Ellen Charnley about the development of 831(b)s following the Avrahami tax case, we explore captives owners' rights when management is sold on, and look at the viability of captive insurance in the space tourism sector.

Captive International January 2018


Captive International - January 2018

In our January 2018 edition, we interview CIMA's Jayasekera to find out what the Cayman regulator has planned for the coming year, we analyse the impact of Trump's tax reforms and look at why Captives can shine through on cyber risk.




US Captive 2017

US Captive 2017

  • Not all are equal
  • The IRS and 831(b)s
  • BEPS settles in
  • Considering the options

EMEA Captive 2017

  • Foreword by Dennis P. Harwick, president of the CICA
  • Solvency II: Is everything done now? 
  • Winners and losers post Brexit
  • PCCs flourish in uncertain times
  • A 21st century risk management tool

Cayman Captive 2017

  • Foreword from Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Premier of the CaymanIslands
  • Cayman has a lot ot offer says Wayne Panton, Minister for Financial Services, Commerce & Environment 
  • The state of the Cayman insurance sector
  • An emerging mecca for medical stop loss



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