Captive International Cayman Awards: reinsurance broker specialist

Winner: Mark Landry, managing director, Marsh

Highly commended: Mary Broesch, senior vice president, Willis Re

Highly commended: Jack Jensen, managing director, Marsh

Marc Landry is healthcare practice leader for the New England Partnership of Marsh. He joined the company in 1983, and the experience he has accumulated in that time has earned him considerable trust, respect and admiration in Cayman, where he is recognised as a leading authority in the reinsurance business.

Mary Broesch is a results-orientated business leader who says reinsurance is her passion. She derives her pleasure from serving clients as their trusted advisor. She has worked for insurers and reinsurers and is an actuary by training. At Willis Re, optimising an insurer’s capital and risk positions, using reinsurance, is the cornerstone of the broking practice.

Jack Jensen is a Marsh veteran, having joined the company in 1985 and spent his whole career there. He earned his MBA in finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Respondents describe him as a natural leader in the broking industry, as well as a strong and committed advocate of the Cayman Islands as an insurance jurisdiction.