Utah Insurance Department

Utah is a top U.S. and world domicile for captive insurers. Our vibrant economy and common sense legislation make this beautiful State the best choice for all captive companies. Come and see for yourself!

Utah Insurance Department

Taylorsville State Office Building, 

4315 South 2700 West, 

Suite 2300, Taylorsville, 

UT 84129

T: 801-957-9200

Website: https://insurance.utah.gov/captive/ 


As the Captive Insurance Division of the Utah Insurance Department our focus is to implement and regulate the Utah Captive Insurance Companies Act as well as to promote Utah as a domicile for captive insurance companies across the nation and across the globe. We understand that a multitude of businesses can take greater control of their own risk management and insurance needs through a properly organized captive insurance company. The captive industry and infrastructure have continued to develop rapidly here in Utah making us one of the world’s top domicile choices. We take a business friendly approach with our available and responsive staff, legislation that is quick to respond to industry needs and market changes, and a willingness to allow and work through new and innovative approaches to alternative risk financing solutions.

Key service areas:

Utah allows the following captive formation types:

Pure Captives:

  • Single-Parent Captive
  • Special Purpose Captive
  • Agency Captive
  • Branch Captive

 Group Captives: 

  • Association Captive
  • Sponsored Captive
  • Industrial Insured/RRG

Regions of operation

Parent companies from all over the world are welcome to apply with Utah as the domicile for their captive formations.

Key contacts: 

Travis Wegkamp

Director of Captive Insurance 

(801) 957-9235


Stephanie Liu

Asst. Director of Captive Insurance 

(801) 957-9228