Captive Resources, LLC

Captive Resources, LLC

At Captive Resources, our mission is to provide businesses the opportunity to control their insurance costs through the creation and oversight of member-owned group captive insurance companies. For nearly thirty years, we have been America’s captive insurance specialists.

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Captive Resources LLC (CRI) provides businesses the opportunity to control their insurance costs through the creation and oversight of member-owned group captive insurance companies. Creating and advising member-owned group captive insurance companies has been CRI’s main focus for nearly thirty years, over which, it has developed a full-service consulting organization that today serves 27 active captive insurance companies with over $1.2 billion premium and more than 2,700 member companies that turn to CRI for our expertise and support.

CRI’s industry-leading insurance professionals support every aspect of the group captives it advises. From insurance professionals to loss control/safety specialists to claims managers and CPAs, CRI has the right team of professionals to ensure that each captive is exceptionally well run by providing:

Proven pricing practices including an unbiased formula to calculate premiums based on each member’s actual loss history rather than aggregated averages and trends in the insurance market;

Risk management services that better control risk and help prevent losses with an in depth, formalized risk assessment methodology. Members are evaluated and monitored to ensure adherence to the captive’s risk management standards;

In-house safety professionals to help coordinate all risk control services and provide additional training and support at members’ locations, as needed;

Claims management services that provide efficient and effective claims advocacy through a formalized system, flag “hot” claims, and keep members apprised of their own loss experience, as well as that of their group captive;

Meeting planning and management coordinated by an expert team of event management and travel professionals that facilitates the semi-annual meetings of each group’s members;

Investment tools that maximize members’ assets through the CRI-developed Captive Investors Fund, an offshore mutual fund, which was created in 1994 to better meet the specific investment and credit needs of the captives that CRI serves.

From the selection of outside service providers, to the way internal teams are structured, CRI commits resources that deliver personalized attention and care to every member of each of its group captives. Our innovations have been time-tested and proven successful by thousands of businesses that have joined a CRI captive.

Kensington Management Group, Ltd. (KMG), a sister company to Captive Resources, was formed in 1999 and has now grown to be the leading independent insurance management company in the Cayman Islands, managing a diverse portfolio of single parent and member-owned group captives. These programs write annual premiums in excess of $800 million and service the needs of more than 2,200 corporate and institutional clients.

KMG is a full service management firm, providing a complete range of management and advisory services including but not limited to: captive feasibility studies, license applications, captive formation, government/regulatory reporting and liaison, cash management, accounting, investment portfolio coordination, registered office and corporate secretarial functions.

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