21 May 2021

eMaxx adds former Insurance Commissioner of Ohio to its board

eMaxx, an InsurTech commercial managing general agent specialising in alternative risk, has named Mary Taylor to its board of directors.

Taylor is the former Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Commissioner of Ohio, and has considerable experience in insurance, public accounting and the public sector.

She spent over 16 years as a certified public accountant, working in the private sector, and over 16 years serving as an elected official at the local, state and executive branches in Ohio. She has served in the General Assembly, State Auditor and Lieutenant Governor, also holding the position of Insurance Commissioner.

She currently serves as the vice president for operations and finance at Northeast Ohio Medical University.

James Townsend, chairman of the eMaxx board and chief executive officer of Townsend Energy, said: “The Company’s support of specialty industries through technology, insurance and risk management is an important component for economic growth in the US.”

Taylor said eMaxx’s focus on providing technology enabled variable cost property and casualty insurance programmes is “driving innovation to those seeking alternative solutions in the market.”

eMaxx builds and provides support for homogenous, heterogeneous (regional) captives, single parent and enterprise captives for insurance company partners. It acts as the sponsor of eCaptiv, a Vermont domiciled captive reinsurance company that is organised to provide protected cells reinsurance support.

eMaxx has also recently hired Amy Lussier as chief financial officer and named Governor Mary Fallin-Christensen to its board.