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Are we there yet? Looking for a market bottom and the ‘all-clear signal’

Global, United States10-11-2022Captive, Risk management

Captive insurance companies (and all investors for that matter) are looking for signs that the market has “bottomed”, so that we all know it is safe to go back into the markets. Jack Meskunas of Oppenheimer & Co unpacks the evidence.

Lloyds Bank International launches Security Interest Agreement

Guernsey03-11-2022Risk management

In Guernsey, the insurance market has been a traditional offering with services including standby letters of credit, account opening services and deposit/notice accounts. However, as technology advances, so does business demand for further flexibility and updated product offerings.

Loss development factors: a primer for captives

Global31-10-2022Captive, Risk management

It is difficult to overstate the importance of loss development factors and their impact on aspects of retained risk, whether through traditional insurance policies or captive structures, say Enoch Starnes and L. Michelle Bradley of SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group.

Parametric insurance is not a swap; tax issues are clear

United States17-10-2022Risk management

Nir Kossovsky of Steel City Re explains how the tax rules related to parametric insurance products are clearer than some might think.

Delivering better hospital risk management procedures

United States07-10-2022Health

Rajesh Khosla of riskLD explains how clinical practice guidelines can help to bring down obstetrics-related litigation costs in hospitals.

10 quick ratios to health-check your captive

Global03-08-2022Risk management

Lori Ussery of SIGMA lists 10 things to be aware of when a captive is reviewed by its owner.

A Howey Test for insurance


Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network takes a look at whether cryptocurrencies will pass the latest legal hurdles in their path.

Captive governance and the insurance manager


Captive boards need to be confident that their responsibilities are being properly fulfilled by way of controlled delegation to their insurance managers, says Peter Child of Strategic Risk Solutions.

Tracking estimated required reserve changes for captives


One of the most efficient ways of reviewing the impact of a captive’s losses is through an actuarial exhibit referred to as a ‘reconciliation of required reserves’, say Enoch Starnes and L. Michelle Bradley of Sigma Actuarial Consulting Group.

How the US government will use captives to tackle the crisis in social care

North America24-03-2021Health

The baby boomers are reaching retirement age, but for many, what should be their golden years are proving to be anything but. With many institutions offering substandard care, and insurers abandoning the senior care market, captives can step up and save the day, says Michael Maglaras of Michael Maglaras & Company.

Showing 1 to 10 of 300 results

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