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A proud record of growth


Captive International delves into Bermuda’s history as a captive insurance domicile.

Barbados’ captives market: a global leader


In a global environment in which regulatory and compliance requirements are taking centre-stage, Barbados has maintained a robust yet pragmatic approach and is the location of choice for so many captives.

Taking the targeted approach

North Carolina04-09-2022Captive

Jackie Obusek and Lori Gorman of the NCDOI explain why North Carolina remains an attractive place to domicile a captive.

Still under the IRS’s microscope

United States04-09-2022Captive

The IRS continues to target microcaptives and specifically 831(b)s–even though those creating them have had plenty of warnings. Captive International reports.

Reaching for the stars

United States04-09-2022Captive

Identifying and retaining the next generation of captive insurance stars is the key to future success in the US captive insurance market—and companies can’t be left behind, Anne Marie Towle of Hylant tells Captive International.

Current market conditions may provide a turning point


Captives are now firmly on the front-burner for every risk manager, writes Daniel Towle, CICA president.

Great captive managers consider the past

United States02-09-2022Captive

Legacy transactions can provide big benefits to captives and captive managers, says Mory Katz of BMS Re.

Cyber captives: the only way is up

United States02-09-2022Captive, Cyber

Recent cyber crime headlines have forced corporations to start thinking outside the box. Captive International examines the choices facing captives.

Stepping up to the captive plate

United States02-09-2022Captive

Teresa Jones and Amanda Cook of RH CPAs discuss why the IRS has been examining captives—and how important it is for market players to play by the rules.

Missouri shows the captive way forward

United States01-09-2022Captive

Sam Komo of the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance explains the importance of the state’s Show-Me captive insurance programme.

Showing 41 to 50 of 398 results

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