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Health care reform: a quickening pulse

North America30-06-2014

Health care reform in the US will change the landscape for medical liability captives. In the short term it seems that consolidation is inevitable, but longer term there may be significant opportunities for the Bermuda market.

From strength to strength

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean29-05-2014

Following a full year of incorporations in 2013, the BMA is looking forward to a busy time in 2014. Shelby Weldon talks us through recent successes.

Solvency II becomes real


After extended delays Europe’s great insurance project is finally within sight. EIOPA’s chairman Gabriel Bernardino encourages the industry to help steer a course towards its final form.

Facing down the bullies


Increasing regulatory scrutiny is an inevitable product of the maturing of the industry. Nevertheless, considerable headwinds face the sector, argues Dennis Harwick of CICA.

Solvency II: a Sisyphean task


Captives face significant challenges associated with Solvency II but Guenter Droese, chairman of ECIROA, suggests that the principle of proportionality should place the industry in good stead when adapting to the new regulatory environment.

Solvency II stance gives Guernsey a captives edge

Europe, Guernsey03-03-2014

Fiona Le Poidevin outlines how differentiation outside Solvency II and innovative structures continue to set Guernsey apart from the global competition.

South Carolina: the total package

North America29-11-2013

Jeff Kehler tells US Captive why South Carolina’s state motto, Prepared in Mind and Resources, goes double for the captive industry.

Striding ahead

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Cindy Scotland

Cindy Scotland, managing director of the CIMA, outlines the strength of the Islands’ offering and addresses cause for further optimism.

Communicating the truth

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013

Hollywood, politicians and the media are all trying to tarnish the gold-standard reputation that Cayman has worked hard to achieve, but the Island’s captive industry and regulators are fighting back.

Exploring cells in healthcare

Bermuda, Cayman and Caribbean28-11-2013Solomon Harris

Cayman captives are increasingly converting to segregated portfolio companies, particularly in the healthcare sector and as a result of US healthcare reform. Paul Scrivener and Stefanie Suckoo at Solomon Harris review the conversion process and the options available to captives.

Showing 91 to 100 of 139 results

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