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Outsourcing arrangements in healthcare captives

Cayman Islands28-11-2018Philip Alexander

Healthcare captives continue to show positive growth in Cayman, but outsourcing functions from these entities must be done with due care, says Philip Alexander of RSM.

The top of the blockchain

Cayman Islands28-11-2018CaptiveOwen Faulkner

As the potential benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for captives start to materialise, jurisdictions are competing for the top spot—but where does Cayman stand? Cayman Captive investigates.

Group captives: ready for lift-off

Cayman Islands28-11-2018Nick Hentges

As a pioneer of group captives, Captive Resources is increasingly reaping the rewards as growth in this sector continues to accelerate—something that benefits the Cayman Islands as well, says Nick Hentges of Captive Resources.

Keeping Cayman competitive

Cayman Islands28-11-2018CaptiveCindy Scotland

The Cayman Islands insurance sector is projected to grow steadily in 2018 and 2019, and a number of steps have been taken to engage with new markets and keep the domicile competitive, explains Cindy Scotland of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Cayman's sound reputation

Cayman Islands28-11-2018Tara Rivers

Cayman responds positively to global regulatory standards and will continue to promote a healthy business environment, writes the Hon. Tara Rivers, Minister for Financial Services and Home Affairs.

Collaboration leads to success: Cayman Premier

Cayman Islands28-11-2018CaptiveAlden McLaughlin

Working closely with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman has helped the Cayman government maintain its position as a leader in captives, writes Premier the Hon. Alden McLaughlin.

Captives and economic substance: too many shades of grey

Global12-11-2018Owen Faulkner

Various captive insurance domiciles currently on the EU’s ‘grey list’ have been asked to address concerns relating to economic substance lest they get put on the blacklist. But what exactly does that mean? Captive International has the details.

Cayman remains robust despite new US tax rules

Cayman Islands02-02-2018Captive, Health

New tax rules in the US could influence the attraction of forming a captive—but there has been little impact yet on the Cayman Islands, which is enjoying robust growth, as Ruwan Jayasekera, head of the Insurance Supervision Division at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, explains.

Making sure the price is right

United States01-12-2017Captive, Health

One of the most effective approaches for controlling the cost of employee benefit healthcare delivery is to buy healthcare services more efficiently using self-funded plans and medical stop loss captives, says Phillip Giles of QBE North America.

Still an essential tool for healthcare

Global01-12-2017Captive, Health

Monique McDonald of Global Captive Management provides a captive manager’s perspective on the healthcare sector and the vital benefits captive insurance can provide.

Showing 11 to 20 of 120 results

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