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The inflation hunt: panic if found!

29-11-2012Simon Cawdery

Simon Cawdery at EFG Bank discusses one of the great debates in the investment industry: inflation, its potential and what investors should do about it.

Cayman's island welcome

30-11-2011Clayton Price

It has been a good year for captive redomestications, with Cayman playing to its unique strengths in 2011. Clayton Price details why Cayman can expect further captive interest in the coming years.

Impressive growth through quality


Richard Coles, chairman of Cayman Finance, outlines Cayman’s ongoing success as a captive and financial domicile.

CIMA: staying ahead of the curve

30-11-2011Cindy Scotland

Cayman Captive spoke with Cindy Scotland about developments to Cayman’s regulatory framework, the Islands’ decision to opt out of Solvency II and the authority’s ongoing commitment to international standards.

Cayman: not following the crowd

30-11-2011Cayman Captive

Cayman has opted to stay outside the framework of Solvency II equivalence—at least for now. Here, Cayman Captive explores the merits of the decision.

Captives outperform the market


AM Best details how, despite the soft cycle, captive insurance entities have outperformed the commercial sector across a host of parameters.

Canadian prospects

30-11-2011Ian Bridges and Kara Ann Selby

The Canada–Cayman Islands bilateral tax information exchange agreement opens further doors for Canadian-owned captive insurance entities.

Accounting evolution - IFRS

30-11-2011Ben Leung and Rennie Khan

As the International Accounting Standards Board develops its reporting requirements, PKF’s Ben Leung and Rennie Khan examine the International Financial Reporting Standard 9 and its application for insurance.

Balancing data protection and availability

30-11-2011Jennifer Nelson

CS Stars outlines the role that risk management data can play in informing key management decisions for today’s captive entities.

Analytics and the art of risk differentiation

30-11-2011Mike Chmielowiec and Barry Fogel

PointRight explains how strong data analytics can help captive managers build a profitable healthcare captive, even in a soft market.

Showing 111 to 120 of 123 results

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