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Blockchain: the revolution of the claims process

Europe24-09-2018CaptiveTatjana Winter

For products that are difficult or even impossible to insure, the combination of the blockchain with parametric triggers seems to reveal possibilities which previously could only be dreamed about, says Tatjana Winter of the BlockART Institute.

Premium payments and captives: cryptocurrency use cases

Europe18-06-2018CaptiveTatjana Winter

Established companies in the captive insurance market are developing business models that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain. Tatjana Winter, head of BlockART institute, has the details.

Mitigating cyber risk via captives

North America11-06-2018Captive, CyberSteven Bauman

The direct and indirect impacts of a cyber attack can be substantial, but a captive can be an efficient and effective mechanism for financing and managing this continually evolving risk. Steven Bauman of XL Catlin has the details.

Blockchain and captives: effectively managing all the moving parts

UK11-06-2018CaptiveAlexandra Gedge

Utilising blockchain can improve time and resource efficiencies, making all the links in the chain work smoothly, but blockchain’s success depends on the industry working together, according to Alexandra Gedge of JLT Insurance Management.

Premium payments and captives: the benefits of cryptocurrency

Europe21-05-2018CaptiveTatjana Winter

With the interdependency between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology established, Tatjana Winter, head of research at BlockART Institute, examines the added value of cryptocurrencies and why these concepts are more than just a speculative bubble.

Captives’ cryptic future with cryptocurrencies

Bermuda, North America14-05-2018CaptiveOwen Faulkner

Cryptocurrencies, their benefits, uses—and dangers—represent a polarising issue but the captive sector has good reason to keep a close watch on their development. Captive International investigates.

The benefits of blockchain for captive insurers

Bermuda08-05-2018CaptiveGavin Woods and Josephine Noddings

The insurtech revolution has worked its way into the captive insurance sector, but as with any emerging technology, every opportunity is not without some challenge, as Gavin Woods, counsel, and Josephine Noddings, associate, at Appleby’s Bermuda office explain.

The future of premium payments and captives part 1: understanding cryptocurrency


Tatjana Winter, head of research at BlockART Institute, explores cryptocurrencies and how they are connected to blockchain technology.

The Future of Insurance - Blockchain Captives

Europe, Global, United States20-11-2017Captive, PCCs

As technology becomes more and more important for the insurance industry, J. Matthew Queen, general counsel and chief compliance officer at Venture Captive Management takes a look at the road ahead for blockchain captives.

Emerging risks: embracing innovation

North America09-08-2016Captive, Cyber, M&A, Risk management

The ‘emerging’ risks are vitally important to the future success of commercial and captive insurance, says Simon Owen, president of Hyperion Risk Solutions & Hyperion Insurance Management.

Showing 11 to 20 of 33 results

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