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Tailwinds driving captive sector growth


A number of factors have come together to increase the role self-insurance is playing in meeting corporate risk management needs, say Bron Turner and Damion Henderson of KPMG Bermuda.

What makes Delaware unique as a captive domicile

North America07-06-2021

Delaware’s captive insurance industry is characterised by its high degree of intimacy, with constant dialogue between market participants and the regulator ensuring it is always an easy place to do business, says Joanne Shaver of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.

Revisiting your captive strategy: maximising the efficiency of existing captives and building out their use


A regular health check is recommended for your captive to determine whether it is still fit for purpose, say Bron Turner and Jonathan Barnes of KPMG in Bermuda.

Need to know: understanding the benefits of captives

North America26-05-2021

In a hardening market where reinsurers are increasingly reluctant to deploy their capital, the option of issuing coverage from a captive is more attractive than ever. Courtney Claflin, executive director of the University of California captives programme, explains.

Structuring D&O risks into captives


Affordable D&O insurance has probably never been more difficult to find. One alternative to the pricey and constrained commercial market is to place D&O risk in a captive, but although there are potential advantages, risk managers should know this solution is largely untested, say Jonathan Barnes and Alex O’Shea of KPMG in Bermuda.

Claims: the human face of insurance

North America20-05-2021

Claims is a people business, and there are many lessons the industry can learn from this part of the business, says Dexter Morse, formerly of the International Air Transport Association.

Captive trends in the hard market


Captives appear to be an increasingly attractive option for businesses as the insurance market hardens, offering a number of potential benefits if the money can be found to cover the initial set-up costs, say KPMG’s Mark Allitt and Jonathan Barnes.

Do I need a captive feasibility study?


The high level of interest in captive insurance solutions to combat rising insurance premiums is encouraging many captive insurance service providers to market feasibility studies to prospective clients, even in cases where they are not suitable. Willis Towers Watson’s Bruce Whitmore explains when feasibility studies are needed, and what prospective owners should look for from their providers.

Analytical spring cleaning

North America23-04-2021

The captive insurance industry faces a number of unique challenges in 2021, one of which has been to do with the assessment, budgeting and financing of losses, says SIGMA’s Lori Ussery.

DUAEs offer a captive performance guarantee


Delegated underwriting authority enterprises that are willing to eat their own cooking by taking risk in a captive are likely to perform better over time, according to Greg Lang of the Reinsurance and Insurance Network.

Showing 51 to 60 of 829 results

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