18 May 2022Medical

MAXIS GBN expands with new partnership

California-based MindCo Health, a digital health company which specialises in virtual reality (VR) programmes focused on mental health and smoking cessation, has become the latest firm to partner with MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN).

MindCo joins a number of other suppliers which make up MAXIS’ wellness technology marketplace.

Through the partnership, MAXIS GBN will offer multinationals and their employees MindCo’s MindCotine service, a VR-based smoking cessation programme. MindCotine helps people tackle smoking addiction through a combination of VR experiences, cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness exercises, and live coaching.

MindCo will also be making its MindCoRelief product available to MAXIS GBN clients. MindCoRelief is a VR mindful exposure therapy (VR-MET) programme that aims to help people ease their anxiety and stress.

Smokers are estimated to each cost firms an average of $7,000 per year more than non-smokers, due to excess healthcare costs and lost productivity. Three out of 10 cancer-related deaths can be attributed to smoking.

Dr. Leena Johns, head of health and wellness at MAXIS GBN, said: “Smoking remains a major challenge for society, with significant health and financial impacts. The MindCotine product is a new and proven way to help employees with this challenge and in turn boost their health. We’re delighted to be adding MindCo to our roster of partners and expect strong demand from employers looking to help their people overcome their smoking addiction.”