CICA webinar to discuss Pleiades evolution for captives


The latest Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) webinar will cover the topic of how Pleiades Insurance has responded to the needs of its parent company, Subaru of America.

The event will cover the growth of the company’s insurance coverages and its importance to shareholders. It will be the third webinar in the CICA’s 2016 webinar series.

The webinar will take place on August 25 and the duration will be from 12-1pm, central time. It is free for CICA members, and non-member rate is $50.

It will be attended by Mary Harrington, director of risk management at Subaru of America and vice president and director of Pleiades; Karin Landry, managing partner of Spring Consulting Group; and Greg Myers, executive managing director of Beecher Carlson.

Carlson will be discussing the strategic growth of Pleiades over time, its investment policy, the inclusion of non-traditional coverages such as employee benefits, and how the captive’s long-term relationship with its captive manager has evolved to support Pleiades’ growth.

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