CICA will take lead in attracting new talent to captive industry


The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) plans to take a more active role in attracting new talent to the captive insurance industry in 2018.

Speaking ahead of the CICA 2018 International Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, president Dan Towle explained that CICA plans to take a leadership role in promoting the dynamic nature of the captive industry and the career opportunities that it provides.

“We are partnering with educational resources like Butler University as a way we can both learn from each other. Our industry needs to do a better job in both attracting and developing the next generation of captive leaders,” said Towle. “I believe this is a role where CICA can play an important part.”

Earlier in 2018 CICA announced its Mentorship Program as one such way to help develop the next generation of our industry by connecting seasoned professionals with those newer to the industry.

Under Towle’s leadership, he hopes to increase CICA’s visibility and activities in 2018, including expanding its professional development offerings.

“We plan to continue to grow our Mentorship Program. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Butler and we are open to partnering with other colleges and universities; and we will continue to enhance our Professional Development Track at the conference. We feel this is an area where CICA can play a significant role in the overall marketplace and our members are very excited about this,” said Towle.

There are also a number of sessions at the CICA conference this year geared towards engaging young professionals.

Butler University students and their professor will run a session called ‘Using Captives and Experiential Learning to Recruit and Train Millennials’; and another panel session that includes students and a professor from Temple University is called: ‘Fueling the Quality and Quantity of the Next Generation of Captive Leaders’.

Towle added: “CICA has a long history of leading the efforts for industry best practices. We are in the process of updating our publications and other guidance and I look forward to sharing those later in the year.

“We are working in cooperation with ECIROA on hosting the European Captive Forum in Luxemburg in November. I encourage our members and the industry to attend this global captive conference.”

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