Owners including Microsoft, Coca-Cola to feature at Bermuda Captive Conference


Representatives from major client corporations self-insuring via Bermuda captives including General Motors, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and True Value Hardware Stores will speak at the 2018 Bermuda Captive Conference.

Risk managers and other representatives from these and other companies will participate in the 2018 event, including a roundtable devoted to captive owners on day two of the conference.

“A major highlight of this year’s event is the number of captive owners we have speaking,” said David Gibbons, Agenda Committee Chair. “Over the last three to four years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of captive owners and risk managers attending the conference and we thought it was very important they hear from their peer group. The Bermuda Captive Owners Association (BCOA) has been extremely supportive and many of its members are now taking part.”

He added: “The roundtable is the first of its kind for our conference, and it will be interesting to hear captive owners in various life cycles of their captive talk about what they’re thinking about, what’s important to them, what they’re looking for in terms of a domicile, a market, level of service, regulation and risk management—and why Bermuda provides that.”

Conference Chair Michael Parrish added: “Our Agenda Committee has worked hard and taken a fresh look to provide sessions we feel will be topical, thought-provoking and informative. We’re pleased a large number of captive owners representing notable companies are participating on panels, along with experienced captive practitioners. We look forward to lots of engagement, networking and discussion.”

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