Roundstone enhances Roundstone University experience for health benefit advisors


Roundstone enhances Roundstone University experience for health benefit advisors

Roundstone, the health insurance provider specialising in self-funded medical group captive solutions for small and mid-sized companies, has enhanced its Roundstone University (RU) product for health benefits advisors. 

Roundstone University (RU) is an immersive e-learning platform meant to educate benefits advisors and other partners on self-funded group medical captive health insurance plans underwritten by Roundstone. The curriculum includes webinars, seminars and other interactive educational events, anchored by Roundstone's annual Medical Captive Forum.

The new RU offers health insurance and benefits advisors exclusive access to resources designed to help them gain expertise in self-funded health insurance and the Roundstone medical captive. It includes self-guided certificate programmes, a resource centre hosting videos, fact sheets and slide decks to help advisers better understand captives, and a campus feature designed to provide networking opportunities. 

Michael Schroeder, founder and president of Roundstone, highlighted the growing interest in medical captives and said RU is designed to help advisors to respond to this demand. 

"The platform underpins our objective to be the leader in the group captive market by strengthening relationships with growth-minded advisors throughout the US, enhancing their ability to add value and present real solutions to their clients,” he said. “We want to empower them to deliver what employers deserve: transparency, cost savings, and quality healthcare - instead of double-digit increases.”

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