Roundstone records record year


Roundstone records record year

Michael Schroeder, president, Roundstone

SME group medical captive solutions provider Roundstone has announced record-breaking business results for 2021. The business saw revenues grow 30% and added over 200 new customers, the highest number in its 18-year history.

It also recorded $20 million in unspent captive premium distributed pro-rata to participants in its group captive pools.

The Ohio-based business also added 41 employees, increasing its headcount to 115. 

“As we head into 2022, Roundstone is experiencing record momentum,” said Mike Schroeder, President of Roundstone. “Heightened interest is driving demand as insurance advisors, and employers seek better alternatives to fully insured plans. Businesses are ready to make the shift to self-funding so they can afford to offer robust health and well-being benefits that attract top talent.”

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