Roundstone revises up the figure for money distributed to its captives


Roundstone, the Lakewood-based health insurance provider specialising in self- funded group captive solutions, has distributed $7.2 million to business owners across the nation currently enrolled in one of the company's group medical captives.

The firm had previously put the figure at $5.1 million but has now revised the figure up by a little over $2 million. The money was dispersed among 210 groups in total, with an average reported income of $24,262 per group, and the largest check sent was worth $199,000. Checks were sent via mail throughout May and into June, with the recipients including small and mid-sized companies across various industries.

“Had these employers purchased traditional fixed cost health insurance, this money would have been pocketed by the insurance company as extra profit,” Roundstone said.

"Helping these employers reduce their health care costs year-over-year allows business owners to invest money back into their operations," said Roundstone President Mike Schroeder. "The reward of health care savings also benefits employees of companies adopting our proactive approach to managing costs."

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