Valenz partners with Beecher Carlson to offer RBPO assessments


Valenz partners with Beecher Carlson to offer RBPO assessments

Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer, Valenz

Vālenz has entered a strategic partnership with Beecher Carlson, an insurance brokerage firm that leverages advanced analytics for optimal risk management. 

The partnership allows Valenz and Beecher Carlson to collaboratively offer an in-depth risk bearing provider organisation (RBPO) assessment. RBPO assessment financial models provide data-driven analysis of whether an organisation is positioned successfully for two-sided risk contracts in a value-based payment model. They assess risk-reward ratios and quantify maximum probable gains and maximum probable losses. 

Value-based payment models offer opportunities to reduce costs, enhance quality and improve outcomes, the companies explained. However, the pay-for-performance reimbursement structure might not be right for every health system or provider group, it added: the RBPO assessment identifies areas that need assistance and offers solutions to address potential deficiencies. It also helps determine if the programme goals and incentives are aligned with the organisation’s expected results and endorsed by all stakeholders. 

Rob Gelb, chief executive officer at Valenz, said: “While there is a high level of interest and enthusiasm for value-based care, the clinical and financial risks need to be carefully considered – and in a two-sided contract, cultural and operational requirements must be in place to ensure success.”

Brad Lawson, senior vice president of provider risk solutions at Beecher Carlson, said: “The 360-degree data and trend analyses account for real-world conditions, allowing organisations to stay nimble, proactively manage risk, and prepare for developing situations – such as an influx of more serious cases following the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of delayed care.”

Valenz, Beecher Carlson, Rob Gelb, Brad Lawson

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