VCIA Annual Conference 2020 to be fully digital


The Vermont Captive Insurance Association’s (VCIA) annual conference in August 2020 will be fully virtual, the VCIA has said. 

The decision was taken in light of the continued impact of COVID-19, and the restrictions that have been imposed on travelling and congregating in large groups. 

In a statement, VCIA said: “We recognise this is a big change; and it will take time to adjust to the concept. But we are fully confident that VCIA will deliver a virtual event that satisfies our attendees' needs for top level education, our exhibitors needs to have their products and services highlighted (and generate leads), our sponsors desires to be associated with a leading enterprise, and the public health system’s need for social distance.”

The details of the event, including how delegates will interface with the conference content, and how to make it feel cohesive, are still being worked out. VCIA promised more information to come between now and August.

Vermont Captive Insurance Association, VCIA

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